Document Submission Functionality in ACCESS Being Updated October 21, 2019

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Document Submission Functionality in ACCESS Being Updated October 21, 2019

On October 21, 2019, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families will be introducing several updates to the document submission functionality in the ACCESS website. These updates will make it easier for people to use the ACCESS website to submit and track the verification or proof they need to provide to receive benefits from programs like Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus.

Updates being made to the ACCESS website include:

  • New alerts will be shown on the ACCESS Account Home page for people who have linked their account to their case.
  • A plug-in will no longer be needed to upload documents directly from a computer.
  • There will be fewer restrictions on when people can submit documents.
  • People will be able to view a list of their submitted documents and check on the status of those documents.

First, when people need to submit a document, this will now be called out by a red ALERTS box at the top left of the page. When people have a document or documents they are required to submit, there will be new red alert text added to their My To-Do List panel.

ACCESS Account Home Page - Version 2

The updated logged in Account Home page in ACCESS, which will include new alerts for required actions.

Second, people will no longer need to install a plug-in on their computer to upload documents that are already in an electronic format (such as a PDF file). People scanning documents will still need to install the plug-in before they can scan their documents to ACCESS directly from a scanner. Note: People can upload photos of proof directly from their phone via the MyACCESS mobile app.

ACCESS Scan and Upload Options

The scan and upload options will now be separated out in ACCESS. A plug-in will still be required for using the scan option, but will not be required when using the upload option.

Third, people will be able to submit documents at almost any time instead of just when verification has been requested by the agency. This includes being able to submit documents even if a person is no longer enrolled in a program for certain reasons, such as not providing requested verification. For FoodShare and the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program, people can submit documents for up to one month after losing eligibility. For health care programs, people can submit documents for up to three months after losing eligibility.

Last, people will now be able to track the status of documents they’ve submitted on or after October 19, 2019, regardless of the submission method:

  • Received. This means that we received the document and are processing it.
  • Completed. This means that the document has been processed by the agency.
  • Not accepted. This means that that the document was deleted by the agency because it could not be used. This will only occur in very rare circumstances.

For documents submitted using ACCESS or the MyACCESS mobile app, people will also be able to view and download the submitted document.

ACCESS Submitted Documents List Page - Version 2

The new Submitted Documents List page in ACCESS.