Change to Format of Operations Memos

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Updates for local agencies, community-based organizations, and providers who provide assistance to members of Wisconsin's health and nutrition public assistance programs.

Change to Format of Operations Memos

In an effort to improve and enhance the effectiveness of our communications, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is updating the format of operations memos.

DHS operations memos are intended to provide new and updated policy information to county and tribal income maintenance agencies and FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) workers.

Starting in October 2019, operations memos will focus solely on policy and will no longer include systems and processing information. Since systems and processing information is provided to income maintenance agencies and other state partners through other means, this new format will provide more focused information while reducing duplication.

Policy information, as well as any impacts to ACCESS, MyACCESS, and member correspondence, will continue to be provided via email to ForwardHealth community partners.  

DHS appreciates your partnership and values your feedback. If you have any suggestions for how DHS could improve its communication with you about policy changes and other updates, please email your suggestion to the DHS ForwardHealth Partners box.