Air Conditioning Surcharges Now a Utility Expense for FoodShare

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Air Conditioning Surcharges Now a Utility Expense for FoodShare

Effective November 1, 2018, air conditioning surcharges that are paid by FoodShare members in addition to their rent or other shelter costs are considered a utility expense. Previously, air conditioning surcharges did not count as a utility expense.

Air conditioning surcharges are typically billed to residents of public housing. FoodShare members who pay an air conditioning surcharge should contact their agency to get credit for the expense. The member may be asked to provide proof of the surcharge.

FoodShare members should report all of their utility expenses when applying or renewing their benefits and when completing their Six-Month Report form to ensure their benefit allotment is accurate. See the FoodShare Standard Utility Credits, P-00654, fact sheet for more information on utility expenses and credits.