Important Announcements Regarding Electronic Visit Verification

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Electronic Visit Verification

Important Announcements Regarding Electronic Visit Verification

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is announcing that our current Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) fiscal agent, DXC Technology, has selected Sandata Technologies as the electronic visit verification (EVV) vendor.

Sandata will provide an EVV system to be used by DHS programs and impacted providers, HMOs/MCOs, and IRIS program administrators. The current MMIS will work to integrate with the Sandata system to foster a timely, cost-effective, and efficient implementation of the federally mandated EVV requirement.

Sandata is a primary supplier of EVV and leads the industry in EVV technology by processing more than 150 million visit verifications annually. Sandata offers sound strategies, system knowledge, communications experience, and strong privacy and security aspects from partnerships with other Medicaid programs in Florida, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Connecticut.

Additionally, in response to stakeholder feedback, DHS is considering the use of Sandata’s aggregator technology. If used, this technology would allow providers who already have an EVV system to continue to use it if it meets EVV requirements. Sandata’s aggregator technology would merge the data from the existing system into the Sandata system. Information regarding the design of the Sandata EVV system and the potential use of the Sandata aggregator technology will be available at a later date.

All current information about EVV can be found the on DHS’ EVV webpage.This page will be updated as more information regarding EVV services and implementation becomes available. Enroll in the EVV email subscription list to be notified when this webpage is updated.

DHS wants to hear from you about EVV implementation. If you have any questions or comments regarding EVV and the vendor selection, please contact us at