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Environmental Public Health Tracking Newsletter

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Have you checked out our data portal lately? If it's been some time since you visited, things will look quite different! In addition to a new look and feel, we've updated data for the asthma, birth defects, and heart attack topics.

We're also excited to announce that we now host alcohol outlet density data! Users like you told us they were interested in data that cross between environment and behavior. Over the past year we worked with our partners in the Division of Care and Treatment Services to add these alcohol measures on our portal.  

These data are only available at the state and county level at the moment, but we know municipality data are critical for this topic. We're working hard with our contractor to build that geographic granularity into the portal. Stay tuned to hear when that feature arrives. In the meantime, play around on the new and improved portal and tell us what you think!

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The latest success stories from the Tracking world

Testing Water for Lead in Schools

Using the Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking portal, Waukesha County Environmental Health staff were able to identify census tracts in their county where 13-17 percent of children tested for lead were poisoned, compared to 9 percent statewide.  

Many of the elementary schools in the county were built when lead was used in plumbing and fixtures. In an initial assessment, environmental health staff found many schools had not yet tested their water for lead. Read more...

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Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

As we head into colder weather, schedule those heating sources for a checkup! A professional can ensure your furnace or wood-burning stove is in working order and vents properly outside your home.  Looking for more carbon monoxide poisoning prevention resources? We've got them all in one spot on our website.

Resources for a Third of Your Life!

We're talking about your work life—that's about equal to the amount of your life you'll spend sleeping!  Knowing what to expect at work and how to work safely and stay healthy can make a difference in every part of your life. Visit the Occupational Health Program's new and improved website to learn more.

Winter Weather is on the Way

Are you ready for winter storms? (And by "ready" we mean "prepared" not "looking forward to it!")  Our friends in the Climate and Health Program have a winter weather toolkit to help you get set. Want a tip sheet? They've got you covered.