NHSN Enrollment Group - Step 6 - Consent Form

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NHSN Enrollment - Step 6 - Consent Form

1. Open email (Subject: "NHSN Facility Enrollment Submitted") received immediately after submitting survey and contact info forms electronically and open the consent form using the provided link. Note: This link is unique to your facility and cannot be shared among facilities and the link does expire after 30 days. If the link doesn't connect you to the consent form, try logging into SAMS using your grid card and password and then copying and pasting the link into that browser window. 

2. Print and sign the consent form as the NHSN Facility Administrator. Have a nursing home administrator sign the form on the indicated line. 

3. Fax the consent form with two signatures to CDC using the number provided on the form. 

4. Receive a confirmation email (Subject: "NHSN Enrollment Approved").

Congratulations, you're now live on NHSN!

We'll talk about setting up your facility (adding users/locations/reporting plans and conferring rights to DPH) in future messages.