NHSN Enrollment Group - Step 5 - Submit NHSN Forms Electronically

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NHSN Enrollment - Step 5 - Submit NHSN Contact Info and Annual Facility Survey Forms Electronically

After you have received your grid card:

1. Log into SAMS. Set the SAMS link as a favorite on your browser so you can use it regularly to log into NHSN. You will enter your email as the username and the password selected during registration. You will then be prompted for three letters/numbers from the back of your grid card. 

2. Select "NHSN Enrollment."

3. Enter the contact information and annual facility survey forms you've been working on in hard copy for the past few weeks. The annual facility survey refers to calendar year 2016. 

4. Receive an email (Subject: "NHSN Facility Enrollment Submitted") immediately after submitting forms electronically. 

Stop here and wait for the next DPH Enrollment Group message or feel free to continue using the LTC Enrollment Checklist