NHSN Enrollment Group - Step 4 - Identity Verification

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NHSN Enrollment - Step 4 - SAMS Identity Verification

1. Find the "Identity Verification Request" email sent by SAMS-no-reply that arrived within 24 hours of logging into SAMS with the emailed temporary password.

2. Print the email and the "Identity Verification Form." This form must be submitted to CDC within 60 days or you will be removed from the enrollment process. 

3. Complete the form, selecting two types of identification listed in the email (choose one from each list). Make sure your photo ID contains your current home address, as provided in the previous SAMS registration step. 

4. Take the completed form and two types of identification to a notary public for notarization. 

5. Submit the identity verification form and copies of both identification documents to CDC. 

  • Upload: Instructions are in the identity verification request email. 
  • Fax: 877-681-2899
  • Mail: Centers for Disease Control, Attn: Proofing Authority, 1600 Clifton Road N.E. Mailstop K-94, Atlanta, GA 30333

6. You will be notified by email (2 emails: "Welcome to SAMS portal" and "Welcome to NHSN") when your proofing documents have been reviewed and approved. This can take 2 to 4 weeks. 

7. You will receive confirmation and a SAMS grid card, via US Postal Service, to your home address 1 to 2 weeks after receiving the approval emails. The grid card is the size of a credit card and has a series of cells with random letters and numbers on one side. This will be used every time you log into NHSN along with your selected password. 


More information: 

  • Slides reviewing the SAMS registration process in more detail are available.
  • If you haven't already done so, print the contact information and annual facility survey forms and start to complete them in hard copy. They will be needed in the next step. 
  • Stop here and wait for the next DPH Enrollment Group message or feel free to continue using the LTC Enrollment Checklist