NHSN Enrollment Group - Step 3 - SAMS Registration

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NHSN Enrollment - Step 3 - Register with Secure Access Management Services (SAMS), Your Portal to NHSN

1. Find the "Invitation to Register" email sent by SAMS-no-reply that arrived within 24 hours of accepting the rules of behavior and initial registration.

2. Log in to SAMS with your username (email address) and the temporary password found in the "Invitation to Register" email.

3. Click "Accept" on the SAMS Rules of Behavior.

4. Complete the online SAMS registration form. 

  • Make sure you enter your home address when prompted (a SAMS grid card used for logging into NHSN will be sent via hard copy to your home address later in the process).  
  • Enter the same information (name, address) that will be on the identity documentation (e.g., employee ID, passport, driver's license, etc.) you will provide in the next step.
  • Write down the password you create. You will need it every time you log into NHSN.

You will receive one email in response to this registration: "Identity Verification Request" arrives from "SAMS-no-reply" within 24 hours. 


Slides reviewing the SAMS registration process in more detail are available.


If you haven't already done so, print the contact information and annual facility survey forms and start to complete them in hard copy. They will be needed in a few weeks to complete the registration process.  


Stop here and wait for the next DPH Enrollment Group message or feel free to continue using the LTC Enrollment Checklist