Update from Councilmember Mead - Constituent Tours

Monday, July 26th, 2021

Snohomish County

Constituent Tour Update


I’ve been using the summertime to get out and meet with constituents all over South County to cover a variety of issues. In this month’s newsletter, I would like to spend time highlighting some of those meetings and events to show you all what we’ve been up to. Now that we are vaccinated and returning to a sense of normalcy, there is no shortage of site tours and constituent visits to facilitate! I hope you enjoy this recap and please reach out to my office if you have an issue you’d like to discuss or if you have any questions. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer and staying safe and cool! 

PAWS Site Visit

In June, I was invited to the new PAWS facility located off of Highway-9 in the Cathcart area. The site is still under construction but it is shaping up to be quite an impressive facility. The new campus will be a rehabilitation and surgery center for all types of wildlife including bears, songbirds, bobcats, and many others. Currently, PAWS houses their wildlife center in Lynnwood in a 3,800 square foot building which is not nearly enough space. The new administrative campus will be over 4,500 square feet and sit on a 25 acres lot that has space for surgery rooms, large outdoor enclosures, and an aquatic center for seals and birds. I had a great time learning about all the great work that PAWS does to not only serve Snohomish County, but the entire state and broader region. I've included a few photos of the baby bears that PAWS is caring for. Did you know that they are one of only two centers in the three state region that can care for bears? You can learn more about the new PAWS facility and the work that they do at their website

Baby bear at the PAWS facilityBaby bear at the PAWS facilityCouncilmember Mead tours the PAWS site with others

Councilmember Mead tours the PAWS site in Cathcart

14th Ave Site Visit

On Wednesday, June 23rd, I was invited by a group of constituents to tour the proposed 14th Ave road extension located just east of Locust Way in Bothell. After a considerable amount of inquiries and frustration expressed by neighbors regarding the extension, I thought it was important that my staff and I go see the site for ourselves and hear directly from the people effected.  During our visit, we spent a number of hours touring both outlets for the proposed extension including the  neighborhoods on both ends, nearby wildlife areas, as well as the surrounding easementsTo me, this project presents some serious environmental concerns as well as a negative community impact which is why I fought to delay it indefinitely earlier this year and will continue to voice these concerns as long as I represent this district on the county council. I am grateful for members of the community who are willing to take time out of their day to help me better understand these issues so I can make more educated decisions around large projects such as the 14th Ave extension.  

Councilmember Mead tours the 14th Ave site with constituentsCouncilmember Mead joins others on the north end of the 14th Ave proposed extension

Lake Goodwin Boat Tour

In early July, I was invited by constituents to take a boat tour of Lake Goodwin to learn more about the water sports community and some of the issues around Snohomish County lakes. During the tour, we discussed concerns of wake boats causing damage to shorelines and docks as well as steps that boat owners can take to avoid damage and respect neighbors. This has become a more prevalent issue around the county over this past year due to a higher number of people participating in these types of activities throughout the pandemicAs part of the tour, I was also invited to try my hand at wake surfing for the first time. I’ve included some of the embarrassing photos of my trials and tribulations on the water to hopefully provide you with a laugh to start your week off right. 

Councilmember Jared Mead WakesurfingCouncilmember Jared Mead Wakesurfing

Imagine Children’s Museum Tour

On Wednesday, July 14th I was provided an opportunity to tour the Imagine Children’s Museum in Downtown Everett with Board President Dr. Wertheimer. During the tour, we learned about the important role that the museum plays in laying an early learning foundationas well as helping to develop social skills with children of all ages. As part of the tour, we also learned about the impressive  expansion project that is underway which will add 33,000 square feet to the facility equating to seven additional exhibits and a full-size auditorium. To learn more about the expansion project, programs offered, and the wonderful work that the Children’s Museum provides, you can visit the link to their website here 

Councilmember Mead and Dr. Wetheimer discuss updates coming to Imagine Children's MuseumCouncilmember Mead poses for "City Hall" photo at the Children's Museum

C-Pacer Program Highlight

Lastly, I want to take a moment to highlight an important ordinance that our council passed this week. On Monday, July 19th, I introduced Ordinance 21-242 which createa workgroup charged with developing a C-PACER program for Snohomish County. The C-PACER Program is a tool that local governments can provide to commercial property owners to help finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements as well as flood and seismic  retrofitting on commercial properties. The program uses borrowed capital to pay for upfront costs associated with energy efficiency improvements and unlike other project financing, the borrowed capital is repaid over time via a voluntary tax assessment that follows the property rather than the individual borrower. I’m excited about the prospect of bringing this program to Snohomish County because it is one of the most efficient ways we can start addressing climate change at a local level. Did you know that residential and commercial buildings account for between 30% and 40%  of total carbon dioxide emissions in the United States? Finding ways to improve the energy efficiency of our existing buildings is an absolutely vital part of every realistic climate action plan. I will be sure to provide updates via my newsletter and on social media as this policy moves through the process and if you’re interested in learning more, I’ve included a link to a helpful brochure  provided by the U.S. Department of Energy and the link to the Better Buildings website for additional info.  

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