Councilman Nehring's March Newsletter

Snohomish County Newsdesk of Nate Nehring

Dear North County Neighbors,

I hope you stayed safe during the recent snow storms. In March’s newsletter I will share information about the County’s response to the recent snow, our clean energy commitment, and an update on passenger flights out of Paine Field.

Almost everyone in Snohomish County was affected by the unusual snow storms that hit us in February. Many county employees worked over-time in dangerous conditions to help keep us safe and moving in spite of the snow. Our Public Works crews were busy keeping streets clear and roads maintained. The road maintenance crews plowed, sanded, and salted over 25,000 miles of roadway over the course of the storms. Our Human Services staff worked hard to help our at-risk neighbors find somewhere dry and warm to stay during the cold nights. Over 50 people per night were assisted with emergency overnight housing, preventing potential loss of life. The Department of Emergency Management and Sheriff’s Office also put in extra effort through the severe weather. We are so grateful for the time and diligence of our county employees and I hope you will join me in extending our thanks to them as you see them out and about in the community.

I would also like to highlight our clean energy commitment that we passed in the form of Joint Resolution 19-006. On February 26th, the County Council joined the County Executive to commit to clean energy and energy conservation in all County Operations. Snohomish County has been a leader in moving toward these renewable sources of energy and efforts to use less energy in the course of business. In the long run, these efforts will help save the county and, in turn the taxpayers, money by using cheaper and less energy. We are blessed to have access to abundant hydro power here locally and I look forward to continuing our work with our energy producers in the area to fulfill this commitment.

Finally, an update on passenger flights out of Paine Field. The FAA has issued their final approval for flights out of Paine Field! This is an exciting development and represents the beginning of great opportunities for Snohomish County residents and businesses. Local flights to other West Coast locations allow for more convenience for Snohomish County residents and visitors and save time from having to drive down to SeaTac. This also boosts local economic development by providing for increased access for existing and potential businesses to travel into Snohomish County. The first flight takes off on March 4th and I look forward to the expansion of these flights and the benefits they will bring to Snohomish County.

I send out newsletters on a monthly basis to keep you informed about what I am working on and how I am representing the residents of North Snohomish County on the County Council. Please feel free to reach out to me at 425-388-3494 or



Nate Nehring
Councilman, District 1

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