Councilman Nehring's February Newsletter

Snohomish County Newsdesk of Nate Nehring

Dear North County Neighbors,

2019 started off right at the Snohomish County Council with a busy schedule and great projects in North Snohomish County. I will be serving as Vice Chair for the Council this year and we have made some great progress on the Regional Apprenticeship Pathways Program. I’ll share more with you about both of these topics in this month’s newsletter.

At our first meeting of each year, the County Council elects its leadership team. Usually, the Chair and Vice-Chair are members of the majority party; in this case, the Democrats. This year’s vote was unique in that both a Democrat and a Republican were elected to the leadership team. Councilmember Terry Ryan was elected Chair of the Council and I was elected as Vice-Chair. This is the first time in over a decade that Council leadership is being shared by both parties. I believe this move is further evidence of our ability to work together across party lines for the betterment of Snohomish County residents. I look forward to working with Chair Ryan, the rest of the Council, and Executive Somers on the issues facing us and as we prepare for the 2020 budget process. The Everett Herald wrote an editorial about our bi-partisan work earlier this month. You can read it here

January saw some great momentum for our Regional Apprenticeship Pathways (RAP) program. As I have written about before, this program is an effort to expand opportunities for our youth to enter into successful careers in the skilled trades. Four-year college is a great option for some, but I believe it is very important for us to have alternative pathways to successful careers for our youth who are not interested in attending university. This effort has been driven by great collaboration between community partners. The Marysville School District has generously created space for a facility to host this program and our K-12 and EvCC partners have been diligently developing a curriculum. The goal is for students to have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, a college credential built by EvCC specifically for this program, and gain the skills and knowledge necessary in order to enter into a successful career in the skilled trades.

Another exciting update regarding the RAP Program is on the legislative side. Our program includes a budget request to the state legislature. Our goal is to demonstrate success in this Snohomish County program so that it can eventually be used as a statewide model to create more opportunities for young people to pursue various career paths. I joined a number of stakeholders in Olympia earlier this week to testify in support of House Bill 1418 (sponsored by Rep. Mike Sells) and Senate Bill 5458 (sponsored by Sen. Steve Hobbs). These bills create the program and are the first step in receiving the funding allocation which has been requested. Our stakeholders did a great job testifying in the House and Senate committees and the program was very well received. We also had a chance to touch base with every legislator from Snohomish County as well as the legislators serving on the respective House and Senate committees. We were very pleased with the positive reception we received from legislators.

Olmypia RAP

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about Snohomish County government. I send out newsletters on a monthly basis to keep you informed about what I am working on and how I am representing the residents of North Snohomish County on the County Council. Please feel free to reach out to me at 425-388-3494 or


Nate Nehring
Councilman, District 1

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