Shilshole Splash November 2017

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Welcome to the Shilshole Bay Marina newsletter, a community resource covering marina news and tips as well as Port of Seattle opportunities.

News from around the Port: Stephanie Jones Stebbins named new Maritime Division Managing Director


Outgoing Managing Director Lindsay Pulsifer is retiring in December

Stephanie Jones Stebbins has been named the new Managing Director, Maritime Division at the Port of Seattle. Jones Stebbins will be responsible for directing the strategic and daily operations of Cruise Operations, Fishing and Commercial Operations, Recreational Marinas, Marine Maintenance, and Industrial Properties.

“Stephanie Jones Stebbins has proven herself a strategic and agile leader in moving policy priorities forward here at the Port of Seattle,” said Interim Executive Director Dave Soike. “She will bring these qualities to her new role as Maritime Director.”

Jones Stebbins has deep policy and planning experience leading to positive and innovative outcomes for the Port, handling operational projects, along with interfacing at a policy and negotiation level with the City of Seattle and Seaport Alliance customers and stakeholders.

At the Port, Jones Stebbins has been the Director of Environmental and Planning Programs for six years, was the Director of Seaport Environmental for four years, and Manager of Seaport Strategic and Facility Planning for five years.

Jones Stebbins holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University, and a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina. She spent three years in the Peace Corps and overseas consulting in addition to several years of work in the US before coming to the Port.

What's ahead: construction funding requested for restroom/laundry & paving project

The Port of Seattle Commission will review the request at the November 14 meeting

SBM Restroom Render
New restroom building rendering

The project team will request funding at the November 14 Port of Seattle Commission meeting to replace the old, worn restrooms with larger, more efficient and multi-use customer service facilities that incorporate sustainable design elements.

The project consists of the construction of three new buildings. Two large, multi-use buildings (restroom, shower and laundry) will be located in the south and central areas of the marina, plus a smaller restroom/shower only building at the north end of the facility. As part of the project, two of the older restroom structures would be repurposed for storage (M2 and M5) and two will be demolished (M4 and M6). In addition, a significant portion of the parking lot will be paved.

The south and central buildings would have a footprint of approximately 2,800 square feet each and include separate ADA accessible men’s and women’s restrooms with toilet, sink and shower areas, along with two family unisex restrooms with shower facilities and will also be ADA accessible. These larger buildings also incorporate tenant laundry areas larger than the existing facilities, with room for further expansion as needed. The north building would be approximately 800 square feet and include six individual unisex restroom and shower facilities (three each). Although consolidated into fewer buildings, the new facilities will significantly increase the number of showers over the existing configuration, and more than double the current laundry capacity, both top priorities in outreach feedback.


The design incorporates sustainable features including radiant heated floors, water saving fixtures, onsite stormwater management bioswales and rooftop photovoltaic panel arrays on the two larger buildings. These solar arrays will offset an estimated 70% of the restrooms’ electrical use.

The south and central buildings will also include geothermal heat pumps as the primary heating and cooling system for the building, the first such system the Port has built. These systems will use approximately seven, 300-foot deep wells per building, to exchange heat pulled from the ground to heat and cool the building spaces much like an air conditioner does with outside air. The geothermal heat pumps are expected to handle over 70% of the buildings heating and cooling needs without requiring outside fossil fuels.

Thank you to everyone who contributed input to shape the project. The final design incorporates the feedback received from moorage and business tenants during the individual and public outreach meetings to provide the best user experience possible.

Read more (refer to agenda item 6D)

Liveaboard Agreement update

LAB rates revised

Earlier this year, the Shilshole Liveaboard Association Officers met with Maritime Director Lindsay Pulsifer and Recreational Boating Director Tracy McKendry to discuss the expiring 2012 Liveaboard Agreement. The group decided on a new approach to determining the annual liveaboard fees which will benefit both parties. Instead of listing the rates for the next five years in the Liveaboard Agreement, the mechanism for rate adjustments is being placed in Tariff #6, the official Port of Seattle document for rates.

There will continue to be two categories of liveaboards until the new restrooms are accessible to marina customers. Please see the above table to review how these categories will merge together over the next few years. (The rates listed above include the leasehold tax.) Once the new restrooms are completed, new rates will be determined annually by applying the Seattle/Tacoma/Bremerton Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate.

Every five years, the Port will conduct a liveaboard rate study to ensure rates remain competitive within the market. Please contact the marina office if you would like more information on the agreed-upon rate study approach.

In addition to rates, the former Liveaboard Agreement contained language that described a “Spirit of Cooperation” between the liveaboard community and the Port. This language has been moved to the Authorization to Liveaboard document, which will be in effect January 1, 2018.

Thank you to the Shilshole Liveaboard Association officers for their time and participation in this process!

2018 City of Seattle utility rates

Effective January 1, 2018, the Port of Seattle will be passing through the 2018 City of Seattle utility rate increases to all tenants to whom we bill for electric, water, and sewer utilities. The projected 2018 average increases for electric; water and sewer are as follows, subject to final adoption by the City of Seattle:

  • Electric 5.6%
  • Water 2.04%
  • Sewer 4.1%

Also effective January 1, 2018, the Stormwater Service Charge will increase 7.75%. The Port of Seattle Commission approved the rate increase in November of 2017. Future rates have not been determined and will be subject to review and approval by the Port Commission. More information on the Port’s Marine Stormwater Utility, including billing and operations, can be found in the December bill insert or at our website. Questions can be sent to

For Port marinas, the only change that will apply to moorage customers will the the increase in the amount charged per kilowatt hour used at the metered electrical pedestals. Water, sewer, and stormwater will continue to be covered by the monthly moorage fee.

Seasonal Dry Moorage yard update

Shilshole South Docks

Over the past four years, Shilshole Bay Marina has rented moveable fencing and enclosed an area of the parking lot to create a Seasonal Dry Moorage yard. The creation of this new product was a strategic decision to try and raise more revenue to meet or exceed expenses that are outpacing the growth of revenue. In previous years, the enclosed area has been further north than in the current fenced location. The reasons we have changed the location this year are the following:

  • Customer feedback on the previous location was that too much parking was already being impacted by the storm water treatment shed, the street sweeper, the multiple ADA parking stalls, and the fact that a large portion of parking spaces in this area are for compact cars.
  • With the arrival of Duke’s restaurant, the previous Seasonal Dry Moorage footprint will be re-prioritized for restaurant and hourly parking. If we continue the Seasonal Dry Moorage yard in future years, it will be located in the newly established area in the southern part of the parking lot.
  • The current fenced off area will also serve as the laydown area for the restroom project, which is predicted to start early June. The restaurant project will be taking up area near A-1.

We initially enclosed a larger area than before, due to the growing demand of this product.  After receiving customer feedback, we reduced the size of the fenced area until the extra space is needed. Seasonal Dry Moorage is typically available September through May.  However, with the current restroom construction schedule, we do not anticipate having Seasonal Dry Moorage available September 2018 through May 2019.

Safety focus: boat heaters

Snow at Shilshole

Which heater is for you? As winter approaches, boat heaters are a hot topic. They can all be great sources of heat, but there are legal, environmental, and safety implications for each type.

Wood-Burning Heaters/Stoves

If you choose a wood-burning stove, be sure to know what’s allowed and recognize that others are sensitive to smoke and ash. 

  • Wood-burning heaters/stoves must comply with Washington Wood Stoves standards. 
  • Smoke plumes can have no more than 20% opacity, meaning that you should only see heatwaves coming from a chimney or vent. 
  • Wood burning stoves that cause smoke and ash to fall in the vicinity of your vessel are prohibited in the marina. If a vessel causes ash to fall on neighboring vessels, the owner could be subject to legal action by the affected party. 
  • Unattended wood burning heaters are not allowed in the marina. 
  • If you are a liveaboard and wood-burning heat is your only source of heat, you may use your heater during a Stage 1 burn ban, although it must comply with the bullets listed above. 
  • Stage 2 burn bans restrict all wood heating. 

Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters are legal to use unless they create smoke with greater than 20% opacity or if they generate visible ash. Diesel burning stoves that cause smoke and ash in the vicinity of your vessel are prohibited in the marina. If a vessel causes ash to fall on neighbor vessels, the vessel owner could be subject to legal action by the affected party.

The Clean Air Agency will respond to smoke and ash issues if complaints are made to the Agency. They will ticket the owner if they see actual smoke at the time of their visit. 

We appreciate your efforts to be a good neighbor and monitor any releases caused by your heating appliance. Stop burning immediately if there is a visible smoke plume after the initial start-up.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters should be stable and have an automatic shut-off should the appliance tip or fall over. Heaters should be regularly monitored and preferably shut-off or reduced to low heat when no one is aboard. Fires can easily be started by electrical heaters. Please check them and the associated circuits regularly for any charring or wire breaks. Heaters should be kept a reasonable distance away from any material, especially those that are considered flammable.

Calendar: fun and reminders

Holidays at Shilshole
Customers, celebrate the holidays at Deck the Hulls on December 8!
  • Port 2 Port through December 31 - Stay at both Bell Harbor Marina and Shilshole Bay Marina in 2017 and receive a five-piece boater gift set and your choice of baseball hat or burgee! Groups and clubs welcome.
  • Deck the Hulls on December 8 - Celebrate the holidays and the end of a great year with us! View the flier for more information.
  • Dock Captain meetings - The 2018 Dock Captain Meetings will take place from 6pm to 8pm on January 9, March 13, June 12, September 11 at Corinthian Yacht Club, Shilshole Bay Marina, V Dock. 
  • Seattle Boat Show January 26 through February 3 - Visit the Port of Seattle recreational marinas at the Seattle Boat Show! New this year: our sister facility Bell Harbor Marina will be home to a new afloat location for the show. Stay tuned for details!
  • Races & regattas
  • American Spirit cruise schedule


  • The marina office will be closed for the following holidays: Thanksgiving (November 23 and 24), Christmas (December 22 and 25), and New Year's Day (January 1). The 24-hour emergency phone (206-601-4089) will be available during holiday closures.
  • Proof of sewage compliance due December 31: liveaboards can submit compliance reports via fax at 206-787-3391, by email at, or at the marina office. (There is a drop box located to the left of the office door, across from the restrooms.) If you have questions, call the office at 206-787-3006.

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