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Ever wonder how to pave a road? We’ve got you covered.

Construction crews and machinery pave a section of the roadway.

Crews begin paving the intersection of Stone Way N and N 35th St

Is there anything more satisfying than driving your car or riding your bike over a freshly paved road? Well…maybe, but it’s definitely a nice experience! Over the next few months, we’re going to be paving throughout our project areas. Don’t worry, we will send notifications out before paving begins so you know what to expect. Before work starts (and because we’re kind of construction nerds) we want to walk you through the paving process.

To start the process, crews need a smooth, clear canvas. This could include using a grinder to remove old asphalt and markings and/or saw cutting to remove part or all of the existing concrete pavement. Crews typically install new concrete sidewalks and curbs prior to paving the asphalt road area. After the subgrade (area below the new road) is prepared, new sidewalks and curbs are in place, and metal castings are placed to show the new roadway height, crews can begin the paving process.

Asphalt roads have three layers: the gravel layer, which helps roads stay safer in freezing temperatures, the base layer, and the surface layer. When you see various trucks going back and forth over the same part of the road, often on separate days, they are building these layers. Placement of the base and surface asphalt layers is dependent on acceptable weather conditions.

After the road is built, new stripes and markings need to be painted on. Some paint used for striping requires the asphalt pavement to dry and cure for a few weeks. Weather and curing times can cause extended closures during paving, but we do our best to be efficient and work at times that will be least disruptive to the community.

When paving and painting the road, we aim for moderate temperatures to avoid paint melting or drying issues. We don’t want it to be too hot, wet, or cold. Kind of like with Goldilocks – things need to be just right. This is why we will often share work notices with a “weather dependent” disclaimer.

We are excited to reopen N 35th St this month with some of its new underground utilities you’ll never see, and the fresh asphalt you will see. Read more about it in the ‘Wallingford’ section below.

Please visit our project website to get the most up to date information about the Ship Canal Water Quality Project in your neighborhood. Check out our Flickr albums for recent construction photos as well.


Crews continue to perform work inside the tunnel and shaft, cleaning the tunnel and hauling off remaining muck, equipment, and supplies from the site.

You should anticipate noise and vibrations typical of a construction site. Crews are now working one 8-hour shift, five days a week. Some work may occur on Saturdays.

East Ballard

In the coming weeks, crews plan to install the permanent pavement on 11th Ave NW across the N 45th St intersection. They are also installing utilities at the site and completing work inside and around the mechanical and electrical vault. Crews continue with restoration activities at the site, including building new sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

Lane closures and detours:

  • NW 45th St between 11th Ave NW and 9th Ave NW remains closed until summer 2024
  • The Burke Gilman trail detour remains in place until late spring 2024
  • 11th Ave NW remains open with two lanes of traffic in each direction. Flaggers will be present in the intersection during paving on 11th Ave NW to coordinate traffic.

You should anticipate:

  • Heavy equipment in the area
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site

Regular work hours will be Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm. Night and weekend work may occur.


Crews continue building the permanent structure inside the shaft and installing conveyance pipes that connect to the storage tunnel. They also continue installing mechanical and electrical systems inside the vault in N 36th St.

Starting as early as May 15, the contractor will reduce lanes on Leary Way NW for storm drainage and conveyance pipe installation. We expect work to be completed and lanes reopened by the end of the month.

Local closures and detours:

  • On 2nd Ave NW, between Leary Way NW and NW Canal St, the street remains closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic through mid-2024
  • NW Canal St is open to two-way traffic during this closure
  • NW 36th St, between Leary Way NW and 3rd Ave NW, remains closed through mid-2024
  • Pedestrian detours are in place on Leary Way NW; please follow all detour guidance

You should anticipate:

  • Temporary lane reductions on Leary Way NW through the end of the month
  • Truck traffic on Leary Way NW as trucks bring materials and equipment to and from the site
  • Concrete trucks entering and leaving the site
  • Fans running during work hours to provide fresh air to crews working in the shaft
  • Heavy equipment in the area
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site

Regular work hours will be Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm, and some Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm.


Crews completed paving on N 35th St west of Interlake Ave N on Tuesday, April 30. The road will remain closed following paving to allow the pavement to cure sufficiently to apply temporary pavement markings and for the contractor to complete all other final adjustments, restoration, and clean up. Final pavement markings will be installed later.

The plan is to reopen N 35th St and the intersection of N 35th St and Stone Way N at the end of the workday on Thursday, May 16. Once N 35th St is open, it will remain open to the traveling public. At least one lane of traffic will be open and directed by flaggers while the final pavement markings are installed and until the paving and the striping have cured appropriately.

The northern portion of N 35th St near Interlake Ave N will remain closed for several more weeks to complete pipe connections to a deep maintenance hole in the intersection. Two-way traffic will be maintained by shifting lanes south of the work area. This summer, that area will close intermittently to allow for more utility work and roadway restoration.

Within the site, crews continue to build permanent walls inside the shaft and the above-ground electrical building. Crews have begun removing portions of the screen wall on the east side of the site to make way for a permanent retaining wall.

The pedestrian crossing on the south side of the intersection of Stone Way N and N 35th St remains closed. The other three crosswalks will be fully opened when N 35th St is reopened. The northern sidewalk along N 35th St has reopened for public use.

N 36th St between Wallingford Ave N and Stone Way N is restricted to local access only. Please follow the approved detour map when driving in the area.

See our updated detour maps for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

N 35th St closure vehicle detour

  • Traffic is detoured via N 40th St and Wallingford Ave N, and via Woodland Park Ave N and N 34th St
  • The all-way stops remain in place at Woodland Park Ave N at both N 35th St and N 34th St, and at Wallingford Ave N and N 35th St
  • Stone Way N between N 34th St and N 35th St remains closed to vehicles and bicycles
  • Please adhere to Road Closed, Local Access Only, and Traffic Revision Ahead signage and follow marked detour routes

N 35th St closure bicycle detour

  • Bicyclists are detoured to the west on N 35th St and Woodland Park Ave N
  • Access to the Burke Gilman Trail is on N 34th St at Stone Way N and at Troll Ave N
  • Please dismount and walk if you use the sidewalk

You should anticipate:

  • N 35th St between Stone Way N and Interlake Ave N and the intersection of N 35th St and Stone Way N are closed
  • Trucks coming in and out of the site
  • Heavy equipment in the area
  • Vibrations typical of a construction site
  • Truck traffic from the North Transfer Station hauling waste away from the station beginning at 5 am (for up to four hours), 7 days a week. Flaggers will be on site to help control traffic and direct trucks out of the gate if needed.
  • Road and periodic sidewalk closures
  • Temporary bus stops on Woodland Park Ave N are relocated; Metro bus routes 31, 32, and northbound 62 detoured. Southbound bus route 62 is unchanged. Please view service advisories on King County Metro’s website.

We understand that traffic is a challenge in this area. We continue to keep an eye on neighborhood impacts and add new signage for detours and safe access to businesses. Businesses are open and ready to serve the community. Please support local businesses and follow all detour signage and safety directions when traveling through the work area.

Regular work hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm. Night and weekend work may occur periodically.

Queen Anne

Crews will begin site restoration this month.

Local closures and detours:

  • Localized Ship Canal Trail detour at least through mid-2024 (see map). Please continue to remain alert when moving through this area.
  • West Ewing Mini Park parking closure through mid-2024

You should anticipate:

  • Trucks coming in and out of the site
  • Heavy equipment in the area
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site

Regular work hours will be Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm. Night and weekend work may occur.

Graphic of construction worker in helmet and vest carrying an orange construction cone

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