Tiny trucks and traffic timing on Seattle streets 🛻🚦

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Tiny titans of transport roll through Seattle streets

Beige Suzuki pickup truck parked on street

If you've ever said, "Oh my gosh! That truck is adorable," there's a decent chance you were looking at a Kei vehicle. "You get attention like you're driving a Ferrari," said one seller. Learn more about why these compact cuties have become more popular in Seattle.


In the Balance: Opt-out vote could determine fate of WA Cares Fund

City Inside/Out panel

This fall, Washington voters will decide the direction of the WA Cares Fund, a public long-term care insurance program. Initiative 2124's opt-out boosters say choice is key, while opponents warn a yes vote could spell doom for the fund.


From refugee to business owner 💐

Woman in wide-brimmed hat leans over, trees behind

Chue Chang is a fixture at Seattle's Pike Place Market, and so are her bouquets. She arrived as a refugee from Thailand in 1982, and with a baby on her back, began farming flowers. She and her son now run the business together thanks in part to King County's Farmland Preservation Program.


Project Green Light aims to streamline traffic🚦

Aerial view of intersection with cars driving through

Seattle is the first North American city to implement Google's Project Green Light, which uses AI and machine learning from Google's maps database in an effort to improve signal timing and reduce vehicle emissions.


Drum up some fun with Look, Listen & Learn 🥁💥

Woman and child stand next to each other, each behind a drum

Learn to play Japanese taiko and even make your own handheld drum, or Den-den daiko with some mythological inspiration on this edition of Look, Listen and learn.