Seattle's streets come to life one brush stroke at a time

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Artist Michael Stasinos paints Seattle’s soul in breathtaking detail

Michael Stasinos paints part of downtown Seattle

Dive into the soul of Seattle's streets with painter Michael Stasinos, the maestro of urban landscapes. From bustling avenues to hidden corners, his art breathes life into every brick and beam of our city.


Chocolatier Margaret Savas packs a punch with her sweet confections

Chocolates from Margaret Savas

When it comes to knockout chocolate combinations, Margaret Savas doesn't pull any punches! From crafting mouthwatering sweets to, yes, boxing in the ring, she's a true chocolatier heavyweight champ.


Club helps remote control car enthusiasts unleash their inner speed demons

Remote control cars

"No one gets injured...even if you crash and hit the wall." Seattle RC Racers speed, flip, and collide in an old airplane hangar in Magnuson Park several times a month – from the safety of a raised platform. Remote-controlled model cars do all the zippy acrobatics (as far as we know) — see for yourself


Councilmember Morales discusses failed land use bill & more

Brian Callanan with Tammy Morales

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales joined Council Edition host Brian Callanan to discuss her land use legislation that was rejected by colleagues, budget worries, and police hiring.


From Rhodes to Seattle, the journey of Sephardic Jews in the Pacific Northwest

A historic photo of Sephardic Jews i Seattle

As the end of Passover nears, we look back on Seattle's Sephardic Jewish community with University of Washington Prof. Devin Naar. From the Central District to Pike Place Market, this community from the Ottoman Empire has quietly shaped the city's landscape.