🌎 Earth Day 2024: Seattle's cute critters + solar solutions ☀️

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Earth Day in the urban jungle

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🦭🐦‍⬛🐌 Explore the fascinating (and frequently adorable) world of Seattle’s urban wildlife this Earth Day! From one of the world's largest snails to the "dinosaurs of the skies," come along on an urban safari with videos highlighting our local flora and fauna. 🌎⁠ Looking for volunteer opportunities? Seattle Parks and Recreation has you covered!


Washington voters to decide fate of state's landmark climate policy

An oil refinery with Mt. Baker in the distance

In November, voters will decide the fate of Gov. Jay Inslee’s signature 2021 Climate Commitment Act. Supporters of ballot Initiative 2117 argue it’s a hidden gas tax, while proponents claim it’s a significant step towards achieving climate goals. City Inside/Out presents perspectives from both sides.


Seattle's tunnel vision for cleaner waterways

MudHoney tunnel boring machine

Seattle and King County are digging deep to clean up sewage entering the city's waterways and Puget Sound. A massive tunnel project is underway beneath Fremont and Ballard, and when complete, the 2.7-mile tunnel will redirect excess runoff to a water treatment plant, helping to alleviate overwhelmed systems during heavy rain.


Bioswales offer natural defense against urban runoff

Bioswale in Fremont and Wallingford

Also aiding in cleaning the city's rain runoff are bioswales. These lush channels, filled with vegetation, mulch, and rocks, act as natural purifiers before polluted water runoff reaches storm drains.


New climate tax credits spark solar surge in Seattle

Technicians install solar panels

Seattle's rainy reputation isn't dampening the electrifying surge in solar power installations ignited by the 2022 federal climate tax credit! ☀️ We shed light on the trend.


A very fortunate interview with Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket)

A very fortunate interview with Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket)

Author Daniel Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket from "A Series of Unfortunate Events," spills the beans on his latest book with Book Lust host Nancy Pearl. In their chat, Handler also opens up about his transformation from "tiresome in every undergraduate way" to the acclaimed writer he is today.


Remembering Matt Chan: A legacy in television & community activism

Portrait of Matt Chan

The Seattle Channel pays tribute to Matt Chan, a beloved community advocate and television storyteller who touched countless lives. His dear friend Enrique Cerna shares this touching tribute, highlighting Matt's enduring legacy.