🥩 Seattleites slice through 'Cutlet Curfew' to bring on the beef

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Cutting the Curfew: Seattleites slice through 'Cutlet' restrictions

A Seattle butcher in the mid 1900s

From curfew to 'cured'! 🕰️🥩 The Seattle Municipal Archives brings us the story of the city's antiquated 6 p.m. "Cutlet Curfew" and how the law finally got sliced and diced!


The Furniture Repair Bank transforms lives, one couch at a time

A volunteer restores and old piece of furniture

🛋️ Introducing the Furniture Repair Bank: where donations aren’t just transactions, they’re transformations! The organization accepts worn or damaged items, and a group of dedicated volunteers restore, repair, and reupholster the pieces. The best part? The bank delivers the restored furnishings to people in need, many of whom are refugees or those emerging from homelessness.


Trash talk with Auntie Lena and Possum 🗑️

Auntie Lena and Possom

Possum does some trashy homework on this episode of Look, Listen and Learn - with a little help from Auntie Lena and friends, of course! They talk about the power we have to make planet friendly choices and call for big change this Earth Day and every day. 🌎 Join them for some reducing, reusing, and recycling fun!


Vashon Island serves as the "secret sauce" in unique artist residency

Vashon Island serves as the "secret sauce" in unique artist residency

🎨 Located on the serene shores of Quartermaster Harbor, the Vashon Artist Residency is a quiet and spacious oasis for artists to think, dream, and create. Art Zone shares the "secret sauce" behind this unique program.