New historic fiction puts WWII-era Seattle on edge

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Paraglider with cerebral palsy reclaims the skies thanks to Project Airtime

Paraglider over Poo Poo Point

Michael Miller was forced to ground his passion for paragliding a decade ago after progressing symptoms of cerebral palsy. These days, he’s defying odds and taking flight again thanks to Project Airtime! Watch his inspiring journey back to the skies! ⁠


Can Seattle's growth roadmap tackle affordable housing challenge?

Seattle's Central District with skyscrapers in the distance

Affordable housing is a critical issue in Seattle, especially with the city's population expected to top a million residents by 2044. A new roadmap to guide Seattle’s growth and investments is available and a City Inside/Out panel of experts reviews the draft and assesses whether it is ambitious enough to successfully meet the city’s goals.


Kevin O'Brien's new historic fiction puts WWII-era Seattle on edge

Kevin O’Brien's new book “The Enemy at Home”

A "Rosie the Riveter"-hunting serial killer roams World War II Seattle in author Kevin O'Brien's first historical fiction thriller, "The Enemy at Home." He and Nancy Pearl discussed the very real history of murder in Seattle that caught his attention, the gendered dynamics of serial killing, and a bit of publishing drama in this latest episode of Book Lust.


The Arc of King County empowers individuals with developmental disabilities

Arc of King County participants

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and The Arc of King County is one of the organizations on the frontlines offering help and information to those with intellectual and developmental challenges. CityStream shares more about the organization’s mission, its priorities, and an exciting update about The Arc’s future home!


Women’s History Month: Washington women lead the way

Women's History Month blog

Washington wouldn't be what it is today without the women who pushed, fought, taught, and led across the state and right here in Seattle. We are so grateful for their work and the work of those who carry on their legacies today.


The story of sports in Seattle reveals triumph & division

Kingdome being demolished in 2000

“The Kingdome imploded. Seattleites could not look away.” Through thick and thin, Seattle’s sports scene has been inextricably woven into our history. Seattle-based writer and organizer Shaun Scott discussed his latest book, “Heartbreak City: Seattle Sports and the Unmet Promise of Urban Progress,” and reveals just how critical sports have been to our city’s wins - and losses.⁠


State of Downtown 2024: Connection & Community

A rendering of the Seattle Waterfront

"We need to move from a central business district to a central experience district." Significant private, public, and philanthropic investments are reshaping downtown Seattle. Hear why local leaders are bullish on the city center in the annual State of Downtown.