⚕️A lifeline for thousands returns to Seattle Center next week

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Seattle/King County Clinic: A lifeline for thousands in need begins Feb. 15

A patient receives an eye exam at the Seattle/King County Clinic

The Seattle/King County Clinic begins at Seattle Center from Feb. 15-18, providing free medical, dental, and vision care to thousands in need. Everything from fillings to mammograms is offered at no cost to patients, thanks to a dedicated army of volunteers. Tune in to a 30-minute special episode of CityStream as the show takes you behind the scenes to see how this massive annual healthcare event all comes together.


From hammer to heel, the story behind Leolo's bespoke shoe craftsmanship

Three generations of the Corcoran family at Leolo

In the shadows of Pike Place Market, three generations of the Corcoran family carefully craft bespoke shoes by hand at the store Leolo. Founder and owner Leanne Corcoran, alongside her mother Maurine and daughter Ella, share the intricate 220-step process behind creating their one-of-a-kind shoes and discuss how the business evolved into a family affair.


Washington voters' deepfake dilemma in 2024 elections

Steve Hobbs and Kate Starbird with Brian Callanan

Washington voters face a critical hurdle in the 2024 elections: the rise of AI shaping voter opinions and fueling mistrust. With high stakes in the presidential and statewide races, City Inside/Out explores local efforts against dangerous deepfake tech threatening American democracy.


Seattle City Council officially recognizes Lunar New Year as citywide holiday

Lions perform during a Lunar New Year celebration at Seattle City Hall

Seattle City Hall recently came alive with the vibrant beats of drums, crashing cymbals, and a ringing gong as the Mak Fai Kung Fu Dragon and Lion Dance Association! 🐉🎉 They performed to mark Seattle City Council’s recognition of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, which starts Saturday. The proclamation, initiated by Linh Thai and read by Councilmember Tanya Woo, has been praised for its efforts to embrace and bolster cultural diversity and inclusivity in the city.


Jazz and joy, Al Smith's photography captures Black life in Seattle

A photo from Al Smith

Seattle photographer Al Smith captured dancers in flight, joy in the everyday, and sound in still frames. His knack for sliding past velvet ropes and impeccable timing has gifted us a rich portrait of Seattle's Black community. Step into his pictures and journey back in time this Black History Month with our 2023 feature on his life and work.


Seattle Times photojournalists share the defining images of 2023

A collage of six photos from the Seattle Times

Take a behind-the-lens look with photojournalists from The Seattle Times, as they share the stories behind their remarkable pictures. Relive the year 2023 through the eyes of those who captured it.