🚗⚡️ Seattle charges ahead towards greener future

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Expect the unexpected at this small space with a big story

Mini Mart City Park

An old abandoned Georgetown gas station recently underwent a massive transformation. Art Zone got a guided tour of Mini Mart City Park - a pocket park, an arts-oriented community center, AND an environmental remediation project all in one. It's the latest from SuttonBeresCuller, the fabulous mind-meld of the artistic trio John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler, who have been collaborating for over 23 years.


Cities are feeling the pressure as lawmakers push for more affordable housing

A Seattle neighborhood from above

Facing an acute housing shortage, Washington lawmakers are pushing for new laws to create more affordable options, posing a challenge to cities already under pressure to finalize their comprehensive growth plans this year.


Dazzling new art installation is a union of art, nature & science

"Union" in the arboretum

A new semi-temporary art installation created by John Grade and his team of artisans weighs 220 pounds, contains 6,300 unique cells made of cast resin framed in wood, and is suspended high above between eight trees. "Union" will be on view in the Washington Park Arboretum for about five years.


Art Zone recommendations to brighten your rainy season plans

Art Zone calendar

Get out and see some art with these recommendations from Art Zone!

📸 Explore "Forces Unseen" at Harris/Harvey Gallery, an exhibit capturing mysterious sights of the natural world by photographer Peter de Lory. Exhibit runs now through this Saturday, Jan. 27.

🩰 Don't miss Pacific Northwest Ballet's enchanting rendition of "Swan Lake" with stunning costumes, scenic design, and iconic score. The ballet runs Feb. 2-11.

🟥 And immerse yourself in sculptor Alexander Calder's revolutionary work now featured at Seattle Art Museum's "Calder: In Motion," on display till Aug. 4.


Seattle is energized by new curbside EV charging stations

A car hooked up to a curbside charging station

With a goal to cut transportation emissions by 83% by 2030, Seattle City Light is making it easier for electric vehicle owners with new curbside chargers at 31 locations. This initiative is especially crucial in a city where garages aren't always an option, addressing concerns about charging access and battery range.