Museum showcases Chicano/a/Latino/a history of Washington state

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Federal grant helps power Seattle's sustainable shift with salvaged wood warehouse

Piles of reclaimed wood

In Seattle, nearly 20% of construction waste comes from home demolitions, resulting in tens of thousands of tons of waste annually. Choosing deconstruction and salvaging wood extends the lifespan of these valuable materials and reduces emissions typically produced when harvesting and processing new wood. Learn about the $4-million federal grant that will support deconstruction over demolition.


South Park museum showcases history of Mexican Americans in Washington state

A 1970s protest photo in Seattle

“My purpose in life is to tell the story of Latinos.” Erasmus Gamboa, Supervisor of Collections at the Sea Mar Museum of Chicano/a/Latino/a Culture, was one of many students at the University of Washington who were active in civil rights movements of the '60s and ‘70s. You can see larger-than-life photos from this time period and several other exhibits at the South Park museum dedicated to the history of local Chicano/as/Latino/as.

Help kids prepare for a vacation's mixed bag of wanderlust & homesickness

Look, Listen & Learn: Possum's Big Trip

For kids, the excitement of going on on a trip can sometimes come with feelings of homesickness. Possum’s off on vacation with his grandparents, and Auntie Lena’s here to help him handle all those mixed emotions before his big trip. Don’t miss out on this heartwarming journey of discovery on the latest episode of Look, Listen & Learn.


Mayor Harrell reflects on UW's legendary 1978 Rose Bowl win

 Mayor Harrell recalls UW's underdog triumph in 1978 Rose Bowl

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell knows the pressure of a big game. He was the starting right inside linebacker when the University of Washington football team played in the 1978 Rose Bowl as they took on a bigger, more experienced University of Michigan team. Despite being double-digit underdogs, the Huskies emerged victorious with a 27-20 score. The mayor reflects on that legendary game.