Municipal Court Information System (MCIS) 2.0 Replacement Project Update

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Seattle Municipal Court’s transition to a new case management system

begins February 29, 2024 at 5 pm (PST)




Seattle Municipal Court’s (SMC) new case management system (CMS), C-Track & cFive, will replace a legacy system (MCIS) that has served the court, our exchange partners, and the public for over 30 years. We want to take this opportunity to provide a brief update and share our plans as our program moves towards a launch date of March 5, 2024.


Upcoming activities and key dates…

Below are critical activities that will drive the program to a successful launch. At this moment, there is no request for action on your part regarding this schedule. Our Project Leads will connect with impacted groups to ensure alignment on timelines, resourcing, integration testing, and deployment plans.


Testing: In Progress

The program is currently performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) across the majority of the business and wrapping up End-to-End testing (E2E) with several data exchanges. These testing phases are layers of assurance that prepare us for Go Live readiness.


Training: In Progress

Training for staff launched at the end of October 2023. There are 230 training courses to train SMC employees. The training includes in-person classroom training as well as sandbox time for self-pace learning. The training objective is to ensure confidence and competence by Go Live.


Cutover Dress Rehearsals: In Progress

The team will run through approximately 4 cutover simulations. The goal is to ensure that we have the proper sequence of tasks documented to effectively “turn on” the new system and “transition” from the legacy system to the new system.


Cutover Period: 2/29/2024 @ 5 pm (PST) – 3/4/2024

The legacy system, MCIS, will not be available as the technical team prepares C-Track, cFive, and data exchanges for deployment. The court will implement manual business continuity plans to continue with essential business activities during this cutover period.


Launch: 3/5/2024 @ 7 am (PST)

To support staff’s transition to the new system, the court has planned for reduced operations for three weeks post launch. Court operations will increase each week, building capacity back to 100%.


If you have questions…

If you have questions about the MCIS 2.0 Replacement Project, please contact