Seattle leaders look to Dual Dispatch model to boost public safety

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In face of challenges, Seattle leaders bet on Dual Dispatch to improve public safety

The public safety chiefs with City Inside/Out host Brian Callanan

Seattle faces unprecedented public safety challenges with a record number of homicides, an opioid crisis, and a shortage of police officers. But city leaders hope the new Dual Dispatch model will help streamline services and improve response times when the public calls 9-1-1.


Staff picks: our favorite videos of 2023 ūüé•

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From stories about Seattle’s history to visits with local artists to an investigation into one of today’s most pressing problems, our team has curated a baker's dozen of memorable moments from the channel. Join us as we share these impactful stories and insights from behind the scenes!


Office for Civil Rights director uses the past to bring everyone into the future

Derrick Wheeler-Smith

Seattle's Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) Director Derrick Wheeler-Smith said he wants to do work that "redefines who 'we the people' are." The department enforces laws against illegal discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and contracting within Seattle city limits.


"Uncanny and dark" images reveal power, culture, myth

Three images, from left to right: top and feathered headdress, mask with feathered headband, red one-piece outfit with Native American caricature

"If you place and keep a people in the past, you can make them a myth, and then you can consume them." Artist Selena Kearney's show "Object/Ritual" dives headfirst into the ways cultural appropriation marks our history, our present, and our future. The exhibit runs through Jan. 20, 2024, at Solas Gallery and opens at the Suquamish Museum in May of 2024.


City Council President Debora Juarez reflects on two years in office

Brian Callanan stands with hand on Debora Juarez's shoulder as she motions towards him, both smile in front of blue background

Outgoing Council President Debora Juarez talks legacy, light rail, and the future of North Seattle on Council Edition with host Brian Callanan.


Mid-1900s Seattle artist captured life with a wide lens

Black and white image of man's shoulders and face looking toward large camera, snowy mountain background

Photographer Chao-Chen Yang's work ranged from the deeply personal to the abstractly experimental, and it put the Seattle artist on the national map. Find his work in exhibit "Full Light and Perfect Shadow" at the Cascadia Art Museum now through Feb. 11, 2024.