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Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis says farewell

Andrew Lewis smiles, shakes Mayor Bruce Harrell's hand, people smile and clap in background

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis joins Council Edition to reflect on his past four years in office after his re-election bid came up short. Plus, he breaks down the details of Seattle's new city budget that features everything from a new, controversial gunshot detection system to a major investment in homelessness services.


Remembering Tom Speer: A videography maestro's legacy in television

Three black and white photos in a collage, same man holds camera, wears cowboy hat, looks down into camera

From cowpokes to mountain slopes to the wild experiments of a certain science guy, videographer Tom Speer had a way of making people feel at ease in front of the camera. Speer died last Friday, Nov. 24, 2023. This video celebrates his induction into the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Silver Circle in 2014, in recognition for his contributions to the media industry. Your contributions and charisma will not be forgotten.


Tukwila church becomes ground zero for asylum seeker crisis

Asylum seekers in Tukwila

Scores of asylum seekers are arriving daily in the United States. Here in Washington, the epicenter of the crisis is a modest Tukwila church with 400 people encamped in its parking lot. The city has declared a state of emergency, and nonprofits and authorities are scrambling to find a humane local solution to a global humanitarian problem.


Step into Seattle's postwar Chinatown-International District

John Okada's Chinatown

John Okada’s 1957 novel “No-No Boy” drops readers into postwar Seattle Chinatown in such a unique way, folks still use it to understand the neighborhood’s past and present and imagine its future. A historian, a former Seattle City Councilmember, and an author delve into the very real history of the era.


Look, Listen and Learn does the numbers 🧮

Black woman with short hair smiles, stands next to puppet possum with yellow scarf in tree

Math class may not be your favorite place but think of all the times we use math in our favorite hobbies! 🧁🎹🎨 With help from Auntie Lena and some friends who read, craft, and play, Possum learns that with a little practice he could gain a lot of confidence for his next test. 


Unearthed 1941 map sheds light on Seattle's historic housing struggles

Hooverville in Seattle during the Great Depression

The Seattle City Archives unearths a 1941 map that records the number and distribution of shacks within the city during the era of Hoovervilles and housing insecurity. Through primary-source materials like maps, documents, and photographs, the research illuminates Seattle's historical struggles with addressing homelessness, mirroring many of the challenges the city still faces today.


Jazz in the City shares an ode to the Harlem Rennaissance 🎷

Jazz piano performance at Benoroya Hall

Jazz in the City’s Jazz=Culture is a nod to the intellectual and artistic salons of the Harlem Renaissance. Pianist Darrius Willrich performs solo and accompanies poet Minnie Collins who honors that time with thoughtful reflection and recitation, pulling jazz’s historical context into the art of today.