35 years of fantastic films at Scarecrow Video 📀🍿📼

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Last call to turn in ballots! 🗳️

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Turn those ballots in by Tuesday, Nov. 7! What's the quickest path to filling in those bubbles? Go directly to our Seattle/King County Video Voters' Guide to hear two-minute statements from candidates in 16 races and ballot measures.

*A previous version of this e-newsletter incorrectly stated that ballots are due by Wednesday, Nov. 7. The correct day of the week is this coming Tuesday.


Scarecrow Video celebrates 35 years of movie magic 🎞️

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Seattle institution Scarecrow Video started out in 1988 with (approximately) 400 films and a dream. One of its cofounders was so determined to make that dream a reality, he quit his day job and went all in. You may wonder how a VHS and DVD rental store stays open in 2023 – part of the answer is that it’s not technically a business.  


Calvary Cemetery, where Seattle's prominent figures rest & history lives on

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The Calvary Cemetery in Ravenna dates back to 1889 and hosts some intriguing clientele. Now retired from the cemetery, Jim Mueller brought care and comedy to his golf cart history tours through the tombstones. 


Seattle University Conversations: Exploring the nexus of mental health & politics

Rep. Adam Smith at Seattle University Conversations

“You have to be willing to be vulnerable and you have to be willing to share.” Seattle-area U.S. House Rep. Adam Smith joins Washington State Department of Health Dr. Umair A. Shah to examine the intersection of mental health struggles and how they affect the broader political discussion. Watch the latest Seattle University Conversations.


Seattle's human services director leads with care

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Director of the Seattle Human Services Department, Tanya Kim derives inspiration from so many aspects of her personal and professional life. She served as HSD’s deputy director before becoming acting director of HSD in 2021 and confirmed by City Council in 2023. 


FBI Citizens Academy connects the dots

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Graduates of the Seattle FBI Citizens Academy said it builds ties between the bureau and local organizations, which in turn allows for trust, transparency, and community collaboration.