Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day 2023 with the City of Seattle

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Fashionista rolls into spotlight & tattoo parlor talk on latest Thank You, MS PAM

Up-close view of smiling Black woman with short turqoise hair braided with white and gold beads

When’s the last time you saw an interview under the needle? Musician Eva Walker of The Blacktones got some new ink from tattoo artist Kenji Hamai Stoll while she and Tariqa Waters talk about nearly-nude performances, 🩲🎸 a changing Seattle, and, of course, her childhood lunchbox. Nostalgia and pop art abound on this new installment of Thank You, MS PAM.


City of Seattle’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration

Black and red Native American symbols flank a rendition of of the Space Needle

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, Oct. 9, with music, stories, and performances. The festivities will air live on our channel from 12:00-1:30 p.m.. We'll (virtually) see you there! 


Seattle Channel honored with 31 Government Programming Awards

Four photos, three of individuals, one of white chihuahua, text above reads "Seattle Channel honored with 31 Government Programming Awards"

🏆📺  We're honored to have received 31 NATOA Government Programming Awards, including five first-place Awards of Excellence! We're so grateful to share the city's unique stories and take pride in connecting Seattleites with their government.


Race and radical joy on Look, Listen and Learn

Young Black girl in pink shirt and older Black woman in gray shirt sit together in library looking at book

Auntie Lena and Possum talked about racism, allyship, and radical joy in this episode of Look, Listen, and Learn. They examined these complicated issues in kid-friendly ways with stories, art, and music, followed by a helpful parent tip to help you discuss them with your own little ones.


Seattle author’s “Great Japanese American novel”

Black and white image of three Asian American men sitting next to each other, dark pants, white t-shirts

“’No-No Boy’ is the great Japanese American novel.” 📖 The book, written by John Okada in 1957 and rediscovered and republished in the 1970s, speaks to the complex and painful experiences of Japanese Americans returning to Seattle after years of incarceration during World War II. It references locations and landmarks Seattleites walk through, around, and past every single day. 


Queer parents talk challenges, accomplishments, action

Five people sit in matching chairs in a line, look at the one speaking, Sign Language interpreter stands to side

2SLGBTQ+ parents gathered recently at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Discovery Center to explore the evolving definitions of family. They got into issues of visibility, obstacles, parent-child relationships, and more.


King County Council candidates talk arts and science

Five people in matching chairs sit onstage in front of black background looking at woman on far right in yellow blazer

King County Council candidates answered questions about their plans to restore and reinvigorate our region’s cultural arts, heritage, and natural science fields at Town Hall Seattle earlier this week.


Seattle Channel takes flight

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Seattle Channel is cleared for takeoff! ✈️ Next time you're flying with Alaska Airlines, you can tune into the Seattle Channel via their inflight entertainment! 📺 Whether you're heading out or coming back, you can enjoy over a dozen features highlighting the history, faces, and places that make Seattle special.