Greening the Emerald City: Seattle's efforts to expand its tree canopy 🌳

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Seattle General Strike of 1919 teaches Labor Day lessons 🧑‍🤝‍🧑⚒️🧰

Black and white, men and one boy stand smiling, some hold groceries

The Seattle General Strike of 1919 fueled labor movements and divisive “Red Scare” debates across the nation. One Seattle Mayor even used it as a talking point in his bid for president! Check it out this Labor Day weekend.


Seattle pushes to expand tree canopy 🌲

Aerial shot of treetops with Seattle in the background

Seattle lost 255 acres of tree canopy between 2016 and 2021, an area about the size of Green Lake. Experts, City departments, and volunteer groups are working together to balance restoration and housing needs for a healthier city all around.


Local syrup producers sweeten the region

Two glasses of maple syrup up close, syrup pouring into the closest

Not to be sappy, but this is the sweetest maple syrup video we've ever seen. We learn how the tree many consider a nuisance produces a unique varietal and answer the question; what exactly is a sugar shack?


Salsa into the sunset on Alki Beach 💃🕺

Man and woman from waist up, salsa dancing, woman smiles

Is there anything more idyllic than salsa on the beach? We do love a good condiment, but today we’re talking about the dance. Sazón Dance Events will host one more Salsa and Bachata night on Alki Beach, Sept. 9. Find more event info here.


King County Drug Court helped Roxy get back on track

Red-haired woman sits behind table, smiling

“I am a lot of things. Today I am sober.” Roxy graduated from King County Drug Diversion Court (KCDDC) feeling like she’d been given the tools to support herself and maintain meaningful connections. KCDDC provides people facing felony charges with mental health resources, housing, and transportation while they get treatment.


Restoring the Cedar River: Better for people and salmon 🐟💙

Cedar river with logs in the water, bare trees stand on either side in cloudy day

King County has been working hard to restore a section of the Cedar River to more natural conditions so salmon are better prepared to survive the journey back to Puget Sound and homes in the area are less susceptible to flooding.