💔 😭 Seattle says goodbye to Museum of Museums

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Swim program gives families safety and confidence in the pool 🏊🏿

Three kids in goggles hold onto the edge of a pool

According to the Centers for Disease Control, accidental drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages one to four. Water safety program No More Under, in partnership with the City of Seattle, is trying to change that. They bring free swim lessons to kids, teach holistic family water safety, and build confidence in the process.


As climate change worsens, so does allergy season

Green leaves in foreground, view of park

You’ve probably noticed summers in Seattle have gotten hotter, and maybe you’ve also noticed yourself or the folks around you being a bit more – sniffly. Sneezy? Teary? It turns out, the two go hand-in-hand. Climate change has made the Pacific Northwest, already a fantastic pollen producer, kick that production into high gear.


Courtney Marie Andrews serenades City Hall

Singer Courtney Andrews

Singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews performed “It Must Be Someone Else's Fault from 2021 Grammy-nominated album “Old Flowers” at City Hall Plaza as part of the Downtown Summer Sounds program. Andrews grew up playing in punk bands, toured with band Jimmy Eat World at age 18, and released her eighth album, “Loose Future in October 2022.


Saying goodbye to Museum of Museums

Nancy Guppy in a neon yellow jacket sits across from Greg Lundgren in animal print jacked in front of nature mural

Museum of Museums (MoM) will shutter its doors once and for all on Sept. 1. The space, a former Swedish Hospital administrative building and current art hub, has presented the MoM team with repeated maintenance issues that have become too expensive to handle. Before we bid the museum adieu, we’re taking a look back at its early days with a 2020 Art Zone interview with MoM's founder.