Remembering the unofficial Mayor of Belltown

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🐣 From emails to eggs: Seattleites cluck concerns around Urban Farming Ordinance

An image of chickens overlaid on an ordinance

Why'd the chicken cross the road? To share this cocky tale of the 2010 Urban Farming Ordinance. The heated debate ruffled feathers, with some residents rejecting the increase in allowable chickens per household in the ordinance and others worried about roosters. Constituent emails shed light on how a compromise was reached, and the inner workings of city government.


Bon Odori: Sights & sounds from one of Seattle’s oldest festivals

Bon Odori dancers perform during the annual summer festival.

Every summer, one Seattle neighborhood is transformed into a colorful dance and music festival that brings centuries-old Japanese traditions to life. The Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple has hosted and celebrated Bon Odori since 1932, with many festivalgoers attending to honor the spirits and memory of their ancestors. 


Remembering Glen “Pops” Freeman, the unofficial Mayor of Belltown

Glen "Pops" Freeman

“He brings love and light and generosity."

Glen “Pops” Freeman was something special: a street musician, a poet, and the unofficial Mayor of Belltown with a gift for connecting with others. He left Seattle brighter than he found it, which is why we’re sad to share the news that Glen recently died in San Diego. In remembrance, we look back at the charismatic community member in a 2019 Art Zone feature.


Countdown to election day!

Video Voters' Guide

The primary election is just around the corner, with many important races on the ballot so don't sit this one out! With so many candidates to choose from, our Seattle & King County Video Voters' Guide can help you decide. It has statements from candidates for Seattle City Council, King County Council, Port of Seattle Commissioner, Seattle School Board, and more. Candidates have two minutes to tell you why you should vote for them.

Go find your ballot, grab a pen, pull up our guide, and sit back to hear the candidates pitch their platforms. Oh, and remember to mail in or drop your completed ballot in a ballot drop box by Aug. 1!


Voting in Seattle & King County is a breeze. Here’s some helpful election info!

A voter returns a ballot to a ballot dropbox

King County Elections is sending out ballots to voters, with ballots hitting your mailbox by July 17. You have until Tuesday, Aug. 1, by 8 p.m. to vote.

✔️ When you complete your ballot, return it to a safe and secure King County ballot drop box. There are more than 75 scattered across the county, and they're accessible 24/7. Find the closest drop box near you! You can also mail your ballot — no postage necessary — just be sure to have it postmarked no later than Tuesday, Aug. 1!

✔️ Already voted? Track your ballot.

❓ Misplace your ballot? Not registered to vote? No problem! Head to one of six King County Elections' vote centers. The centers will be open for in-person voting Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday.

❓ What do you need to register to vote? To register to vote, head to an in-person voting center. You will be asked for the last four digits of your social security number. If you can't provide those digits, show a government issued ID or passport and sign a voter registration verifying you are a Washington resident. That's it!