🗳️ Need help filling out your primary election ballot? We're here to help!

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Take the stress out of election season with our Video Voter’s Guide

Video Voters' Guide

Ready to have your voice heard? This election is big, but filling out your ballot doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Our Seattle & King County Video Voters’ Guide is here to help. In a two-minute statement, candidates for Seattle City Council, King County Council, Port of Seattle Commissioner, Seattle School Board, and more will tell you why you should pick them.

Ballots should arrive in your mailboxes any day now. Then just sit back, grab a pen, and pull up our guide. Oh, and remember to send it in or drop it in a ballot drop box by Aug. 1!


Voting in Seattle & King County is a breeze. Here’s some helpful election info!

A voter returns a ballot to a ballot dropbox

King County Elections is sending out ballots to voters, with ballots hitting your mailbox by July 17. You have until Tuesday, Aug. 1, by 8 p.m. to vote.

✔️ When you complete your ballot, return it to a safe and secure King County ballot drop box. There are more than 75 scattered across the county, and they're accessible 24/7. Find the closest drop box near you! You can also mail your ballot — no postage necessary — just be sure to have it postmarked no later than Tuesday, Aug. 1!

✔️ Already voted? Track your ballot.

❓ Misplace your ballot? Not registered to vote? No problem! Head to one of six King County Elections' vote centers. The centers will be open for in-person voting Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday.

❓ What do you need to register to vote? To register to vote, head to an in-person voting center. You will be asked for the last four digits of your social security number. If you can't provide those digits, show a government issued ID or passport and sign a voter registration verifying you are a Washington resident. That's it!