⚾🏒 A tale of two Matts in Seattle sports

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Seattle rookies hit the ground (and the ice) running

Matty Beniers and Mariners rookie Matt Brash

It's a tale of two Matts in Seattle sports! Kraken rookie Matty Beniers and Mariners rookie Matt Brash (M.B. and M.B., coincidence?) played their first professional-league games on April 12, 2022, and they're already raking in the accolades.


Black Power activists tell their story

Book Lust Cover

Dan Berger's nonfiction book "Stayed on Freedom: The Long History of Black Power through One Family's Journey" closely follows a formerly married (still friends) couple through decades on the frontlines of the Black Power movement. He shares their unique perspective on Book Lust with Nancy Pearl.


Seattle artist capitalizes on color

Portrait of artist Camille Patha

Artist Camille Patha seems to live and breathe color. Her life, her work, her wardrobe – they all center around the hues that speak to her, and they don’t speak so much as proclaim from the highest mountaintops. With a megaphone. Watch the Art Zone feature and find her exhibit “Camille Patha: Passion, Pleasure, Power” through Sept. 3 at the Tacoma Art Museum.


Visual artist Lisa Liedgren Alexandersson weaves history

Visual artist Lisa Liedgren Alexandersson

Artist Lisa Liedgren Alexandersson weaves paint, textiles, and abstraction into something incredible for her show “Both. And.” at studio e gallery through Aug. 5 with an opening reception Saturday, July 8. Art Zone followed her around town on a unique treasure hunt last year as she shared her complicated feelings about her childhood in Sweden and her journey to the loom.