Space out in one artist's otherworldly art installation 👽🪐✨

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Step into artist Emily Counts' world beyond imagination

Person in red beanie sits with back to camera in front of art humanoid art piece wearing crown and gold and silver robe

Artist Emily Counts' installation “Sea of Vapors” features otherworldly outfits, fantastical figures, and what is possibly a giant fuzzy pear??👗👽🍐 It combines technology and texture in a show like nothing we’ve ever seen. 


Greenwood Car Show fuels a community

Bearded man in black baseball cap and sunglasses sits in purple convertable

Folks in Greenwood wheel-y love the annual Greenwood Car ShowEnthusiasts at this year’s fundraising, food-driving (🚙) festivities say they welcome folks from far and wide regardless of auto expertise. From food to vintage shopping to the friendly block party atmosphere, there’s something for everyone.


MudHoney boring machine breaks through

Three construction workers stand on equipment in cylindrical cement pit

"The machine looks like it's been through a lot. It has." MudHoney began work 22 months ago in Ballard and broke through recently in Wallingford. This short video explains MudHoney's mission to build a massive stormwater and sewage tunnel, and what happens now that it's complete.


Happy hour with an arty twist at First Hill's The Hideout

Bar wall covered in various types of art

100 paintings, great cocktails, and a reminder of Seattle’s thriving arts culture — The Hideout is a proud community hub. Curator Jeremy Buben shares some recommendations for prospective art collectors, admirers, and bar patrons who want a unique way to leave their own creative mark.


Take a tour through Seattle's original LGBTQ+ neighborhood

Black and white image of large crowd carrying signs in street

“It was a drag queen’s delight!” Did you know Pioneer Square was the original hub for Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community? Journey back in time to some of the city's first discos, hangouts, and hotspots. History Link presents stories new and old, famous, infamous, and little-known about the neighborhood’s...pioneering history.