📚 Seattle Public Library unbans books

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Seattle Public Library takes a stand with Books Unbanned initiative

Books banned in parts of the U.S. on display at the Seattle Public Library

“We embrace the idea that society benefits from more information, more access, more ideas, more representation, more voices.” 📚💡💭 With a rapid rise in banned and challenged books across the nation, the Seattle Public Library’s Books Unbanned initiative makes the library’s entire digital collection available to young people aged 13-26 throughout the United States.


Practical meets policy in Markham McIntyre

Markham McIntyre, Director of Office of Economic Development

Meet Markham McIntyre. 👋 He went from (literal) farmer to Seattle’s Director of the Office of Economic Development (with a few steps in between). McIntyre says his days of cultivating crops helped him grow an appreciation for the power of policy to mesh with practical needs and build welcoming spaces. 


SIFF season starts with a bang

SIFF promotional image

264 films from 74 countries in 10 days. It’s SIFF season. The Seattle International Film Festival runs May 11-21 at theaters across the city, followed by select films streaming online May 22-28. Preview some highlights on this episode of Art Zone.


“Filmlandia” reels in cinephiles

Filmlandia book cover

Attention film buffs and passionate Pacific Northwesterners; David Schmader’s “Filmlandia!” is a veritable encyclopedia of Pacific Northwest movies and television shows. The book is chock-full of witty synopses, behind-the-scenes scoops, and stunning, vintage-inspired illustrations. 


Schools across state face shrinking budgets & enrollment

A teacher in a classroom with students

Washington’s public schools have seen a significant drop in enrollment since the 2019-2020 school year, which has led to a decline in funding. Superintendents join host Brian Callanan on City Inside/Out to discuss causes, consequences, and equitable solutions.


25 years at Roq La Rue Gallery with founder Kirsten Anderson

Kirsten Anderson, founder and owner of Roq La Rue Gallery

Roq La Rue Gallery is...kind of a party. Founder Kirsten Anderson wants all patrons, seasoned or brand new to the art world, to feel welcome and comfortable. That’s why the gallery’s pop-surrealist show openings always have music, drinks, and absolutely no pressure.


Benicio Bryant’s “I CAN’T DANCE TO THIS”

Benicio Bryant performs

Check out singer-songwriter and America’s Got Talent finalist Benicio Bryant’s smooth, soulful “I CAN’T DANCE TO THIS” on Art Zone–but only if you want to change your life for the better. You’ve been warned.