Meet your finned, feathered, photosynthesizing neighbors this Earth Day

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Take a (virtual) Seattle safari for Earth Day

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Meet your feathered, finned, and photosynthesizing neighbors this beautiful Earth Day! 🦅🐟🌱 We’ve highlighted so much flora and fauna here on the Seattle Channel and learned a ton about Washington's wild nature along the way. Our Earth Day 2023 feature is here to tell you why you should be nice to your local crows, become a cheerleader for leaping salmon, and embrace moss.


Seattle’s river keeps changing

Duwamish River in Seattle

Hop aboard a Duwamish River boat tour on the Admiral Jack. The Duwamish is Seattle’s only river. It was 15 miles long before being shortened, straightened, and filled with debris. The Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition has worked hard to restore it, and they're inviting community members to see the progress.


Gov. Inslee on climate hope

Gov. Jay Inslee

Gov. Jay Inslee is optimistic. He tells a Seattle University audience that the progress we're making in renewable energy and sustainable practices all over the world and right here in Washington shows humanity is determined to defeat climate change.


Volunteer effort translates to a big impact at Seattle/King County Clinic

A volunteer translator at the Seattle / King County Clinic

A welcome message is translated into five languages to put folks at the Seattle/King County Clinic (April 27-30 at Seattle Center) at ease right off the bat. Healthcare is stressful enough, but add a language barrier and it's even more intimidating. Go behind the scenes and learn more about what makes the free clinic possible


Protecting Seattle's shrinking tree canopy

Stock image of grassy lawn and densely populated neighborhood

What's an Emerald City without its green tree canopy? Seattle has lost a lot of trees in the last five years, but how do we bring them back and build new housing? Local leaders have some ideas.


Seattle Channel staff recognized with 13 Northwest Emmy nominations

Seattle Channel Emmy nomination announcement

Our team was recognized with 13 Northwest Emmy nominations this year. That's not a brag, just a fact. And maybe also a humble brag. Take a look at a few of the pieces that impressed the judges, and stay tuned for award announcements in June!


This band is “Awesome”

Band "Awesome" performs

Art Zone pulled this "Awesome" performance out of the archives–"Awesome" being the name of the band, of course. Their song “Believe in Faith” is either a work of art or a stream of consciousness (or both?). Either way, it’s hilarious. Catch "Awesome" live on April 30 at Theatre Off Jackson.


King County votes on new crisis care centers

An April 2023 ballot

Remember to vote by Tuesday, April 25 on King County's Crisis Care Centers Levy! The levy (Proposition 1) would fund new and refurbished facilities, replenish the number of beds available to those in crisis that have been lost in the last two years, and pay mental health workers a living wage.