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Seattle/King County Health Clinic provides healthcare for those in need

Seattle/King County Health Clinic

The Seattle/King County Clinic provides free dental, vision, and medical services at the Seattle Center April 27-30. This is the full clinic’s first time back since the pandemic began, and is designed to support those unable to access the care they need, no insurance information required.


Healthcare for musicians strikes a chord

CityStream: SMASH: Healthcare Assistance for Musicians

Many musicians don’t get healthcare through an employer and can’t afford rising costs in Seattle. As Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready says, they’re leaving. SMASH helps musicians navigate the health system and, in some cases, find free services.

Loving Human Resources

Kimberly Loving

Director of the Seattle Department of Human Resources, Kimberly Loving, grew up in a family of helpers. Her dedication to community service led her to HR where Loving says she tries to be a bridge between “what we must do and what we should do.”


Lawmakers consider new gun restrictions

Brian Callanan, Dylan O'Connor, and Dave Workman stand on the set of City Inside/Out

Lawmakers in Olympia are deciding whether to pass new gun bills, including one that would place a ban on assault weapons. Brian Callanan and guests talk potential gun restrictions on City Inside/Out.


Seattle ReCreative sparks creativity in conservation

Seattle ReCreative customer

Seattle ReCreative keeps materials out of landfills by taking the odds, ends, bits, bobs, and thingamajigs you might otherwise throw away. Crafters and artists of all kinds frequent the whimsical wonderland, and teachers shop for free on certain days.


New book shows Seattle in a different light

A neon light saying Chop Suey

Seattle’s neon signs give the city a dreamy, otherworldly light. As author and photographer Matt Hucke says, “are a link to the Seattle of decades past.” Check out his book “Seattle Neon,” for photos of signs across the city accompanied by stories of the folks behind them.


"No Hope For the Kids" rocks us into the weekend

Rock & power-pop sounds of Appaloosa in song "No Hope For the Kids"

Bop to the power pop and punk sounds of band Appaloosa. Their song “No Hope for the Kids” will put the beat in your feet! Catch them live on Sunday, April 16, at RX Fest in downtown Seattle.