Holden Natural Drainage Systems Project | Join Us for a Design Drop-in Session on March 28!

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Holden Natural Drainage Systems Project

Join us on Tuesday, March 28 to learn more about the project!

A natural drainage system filled with mature plants and trees are shown between a sidewalk and street.

Example of a natural drainage system a few years after installation

Upcoming Community Engagement Opportunity

Please join us for a Design Drop-in session on Tuesday, March 28 any time between 2:30 – 5:30 pm!

SPU is gathering early feedback from the community during the design phase of the project. We will be hosting a Design Drop-in session on the corner of SW Holden Street and 17th Avenue SW. Stop by any time between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm to learn more and share your feedback on the project!

If you are unable to join us, please share your thoughts by contacting Wan-Yee Kuo, Senior Project Manager, at Wan-Yee.Kuo@seattle.gov or (206) 684-3957.

Community feedback, alongside technical evaluations, are important during each project phase. The project team will work with impacted community members to understand important issues in the neighborhood and identify feasible locations for natural drainage systems. Community members will be able to share their thoughts through a variety of online and in-person activities and surveys. Community engagement will be ongoing through all phases of the project - planning, design, and construction.

What is a Natural Drainage System (NDS)?

Natural drainage systems are built in the planting strip or roadway shoulder (the space between the street edge and the property line) and are filled with deep-rooted plants and spongy soils that temporarily hold and clean stormwater from streets and sidewalks, removing pollutants before the stormwater reaches Longfellow Creek. Natural drainage systems offer multiple benefits to local neighborhoods and ecosystems including increased landscaping, improved stormwater/drainage water quality, healthier creek ecosystems, increased habitat along our streets, and roadway and pedestrian safety improvements.

To see a built natural drainage system in the area, please visit SPU’s Delridge NDS Project located on 17th Avenue SW between SW Henderson Street and SW Kenyon Street. While the Holden NDS Project will be unique on its own, the Delridge NDS Project is an example of what other NDS look like in the neighborhood. 

Holden NDS Project Location and Timeline

An aerial view of the project area boundaries and surrounding streets

The Holden NDS Project area is roughly along SW Holden Street between 16th Avenue SW and 17th Avenue SW and along the east side of 17th Avenue SW between SW Holden Street and SW Kenyon Street.

The Holden NDS Project is currently in early design. SPU is seeking feedback from the community, permitting agencies, and other impacted parties to inform the design process. Our tentative timeline is as follows:

  • Planning (completed 2022)
  • Design (2023-2024)
  • Construction (2024-2025)

Stay in Touch!

As we gather more feedback from the community, we are happy to answer questions about the project and its impacts and benefits to the neighborhood. For more information on the Holden NDS project, please visit our project website.

Do you have neighbors who might like to receive these updates? Please forward this email and encourage them to sign up for project updates.

Questions about the project? Please contact Wan-Yee Kuo, Senior Project Manager, at Wan-Yee.Kuo@seattle.gov or (206) 684-3957.

Visit the Project Website!