Seattle's Black architects design the future

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“Oscar Wars” steals the show

"Oscar Wars" book cover

Recent release "Oscar Wars: A History of Hollywood in Gold, Sweat, and Tears" lets you in on the scams, secret identities, and big moments in Hollywood history. Author Michael Schulman gives Book Lust host Nancy Pearl the inside scoop. 


Eva Abram brings stories to life

Eva Abram

When kids participate in oral storyteller Eva Abram's performances, they exercise their imaginations and learn not only about the world, but the kinds of people they want to be. As Abram points out, “stories have all kinds of characters.”


Willow Bader paints to the rhythm of her own life

Willow Bader in her studio

Willow Bader's paintings require hot wax, mirrors, and Argentine tango. Okay, maybe it doesn't always require the tango, but it certainly is a common theme. Her work draws from her own life which is full of friendship, romance, and lots of dance.


Black architects design with intention

Africatown Plaza

Three generations of Black architects discuss their careers, lessons learned, and what they want to teach not only other Black architects, but the mentors and allies who support them.


Leaders deliver the State of Africatown in speech, ceremony, performance

Africatown presentation

This year’s State of Africatown centered around progress thus far and plans for the future. Entrepreneurs spoke about ongoing projects in the business, arts, and culinary worlds, community leaders reflected on changes in Seattle’s Central District, and artists gave deeply personal performances.