⚠️Caw-tion⚠️ Seattle crows know more than you think!

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Community comes together to continue D’vonne Pickett Jr.’s legacy of love & positivity

A painting of D'Vonne Pickett Jr.

Friends, family, and city leaders recently gathered to unveil D'vonne Picket Jr. Way, a part of East Union Street. They promised to continue the legacy the husband, father, & community leader left behind after his death in Oct. 2022.


⚠️Caw-tion⚠️ Seattle crows know more than you think

Four crows on curb

Have you talked to your local crows today? They tend to interact with humans differently than most urban animals and may have a thing or two to teach us about living in a quickly changing environment.


Lawmakers hope Washingtonians can improve their rate of recycling

Brian Callanan with guests

Recycling rates have stalled in Washington, and lawmakers are considering an ambitious plan to hold businesses financially responsible for their packaging as well as create a bottle deposit system like Oregon’s. City Inside/Out unwraps the details.


Pink Gorilla ape-reciates Seattle’s thriving gaming community

Pink Gorilla video game store

Ever seen a pink gorilla in Seattle? They’re cheerful, retro, and have a real thing for gaming. 🎮 Pink Gorilla Games just opened a new location on Capitol Hill, and the owners say Seattle’s tech and video game communities make it the perfect place for a store like theirs.


Marie Gluesenkamp Perez tells us what it’s like working in the other Washington

Seattle University Conversations: U.S. Representative Marie Gluesenkamp Perez

U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez flipped Washington’s 3rd Congressional District for the Democrats. But Gluesenkamp Perez doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with her own party. Learn why in the latest Seattle University Conversations.


Look, Listen and Learn makes new friends

Look, Listen and Learn, March 2023

Calling all superheroes (that means you)! In this episode of Look, Listen and Learn, Possum meets a potential friend who's a little shy, and Auntie Lena shares advice for extroverts who want their introverted friends to feel more comfortable. The show is full of crafts, music, and a special guest appearance by Mariner Moose!


Council Edition: Councilmember Mosqueda shares her vision for downtown & more

Council Edition with Teresa Mosqueda

Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda shares her vision for a revitalized downtown and outlines how significant zoning changes in the City's Comprehensive Plan could transform neighborhoods. Watch the latest Council Edition to learn more.