😎 2022 in the rearview mirror; here's how we'll remember it!

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That’s a wrap!

Has it been a year or what? We figured all of us could use a moment of contemplation, so our last newsletter of the year looks different than usual! Enjoy this collection of some of our favorite stories from 2022, our holiday gift to you. 🎁


Seattle Channel turned 20 🎂 🥳

Collage of images of Seattle Channel programs

What better way to kick things off than with a birthday celebration? Look back at Seattle Channel through the ages in this piece full of old friends, new growth, and a dodgy basement studio (no leaky pipes on our current premises!).


Fins, fangs, feathers, and fur took over the channel

Great blue herons

We do love an animal story, and we had plenty of great ones this year. Seattle's great blue herons, three-spined sticklebacks, giant moon snails (that was a wild one), salmon, and beavers captured our hearts and taught us about our region.


Brittany Davis blew us away

Brittany Davis

“My name is Brittany Davis. I am a vessel of sound.” Musician and spoken-word artist Brittany Davis released their debut EP, “I Choose to Live,” in March, and it’s unlike anything we’ve heard before. Other Art Zone guests like Moses SunStevie Shao, and Curtis Steiner showed us the power of art. Jed Dunkerly of gnome-hunting fame NARFed us through Seattle Center.


We took a trip back in time with CityStream

The Skyride at Seattle Center during the World's Fair

We weren't the only ones celebrating an important milestone! 2022 marked the 60th anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair, so we hopped in our time machine to check it out. CityStream also took us back to the origins of the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center and helped us rediscover the work of artist Kenjiro Nomura.


Rosalie Fish ran with purpose

Rosalie Fish

University of Washington athlete Rosalie Fish shared her journey into running and activism. She continues to use her platform to bring attention to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement, which has seen notable progress in the past few years. 


Nancy Pearl became “Library Girl”

An illustration from the book "Library Girl"

Did you know "Book Lust" host Nancy Pearl is the subject of a children's book? It's true! "Library Girl," written by Karen Henry Clark and illustrated by Sheryl Murray, tells the true origin story of our favorite super-librarian with just a little dash of magic. 


We felt the magic of the season

Jars of products

Ahh, the holidays. A time for wonder, a time for magic...mushrooms. Oregon voters legalized psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, for use in medical settings in 2020, but Washington state has yet to follow suit. It's a big discussion these days, though, with strong feelings on all sides.


We got into it with Seattle U

Seattle U Conversation

We welcomed new show Seattle University Conversations, which gave us a chance to get into tough topics with experts who knew their stuff. Folks gathered to discuss a rise in pandemic-related anxiety, the war in Ukraine, and the mayor's plans for our city


Seattle served

Volunteers working on Seattle One Day of Service

Almost 4,000 volunteers across Seattle on the One Seattle Day of Service. Neighborhood groups, businesses, and community organizations organized projects as part of the mayor’s “One Seattle” civic engagement efforts.