Lushootseed, the original language of Seattle

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Lushootseed, Seattle’s original language

A view of Seattle from Alki

Want to learn a little Lushootseed for Native American Indian Heritage Month? Southern Lushootseed is the original language of the Puget Salish people, a group of tribes in our region. Today there is no one left who speaks Southern Lushootseed as a first language, but many are working hard to revitalize it by teaching it, and the culture it represents, to students. ⁠


Renowned Native American glass artist Preston Singletary answers “63 Questions”

Preston Singletary

Rule breaker and former rebellious teen-turned hyper-organized Vespa-riding glassblower and musician Preston Singletary contains multitudes. Obviously. A standard interview just wouldn’t cut it, so Art Zone asked him 63 questions on a studio stroll.


Who’s up & who’s down? Diving into midterm election results.

An election worker examines ballots

The midterm election was far from sleepy, with multiple high-stakes races that will determine the balance of power in Congress and at the local levels. Get the scoop from veteran journalists about winners and losers and how politics and priorities may shift in the years ahead.


Bremerton Office Machine Company is just your type

Paul Lundy, typewriter repairman

Paul Lundy, co-owner of the Bremerton Office Machine Company, says he always loved fixing things but got hooked on typewriters. Turns out, it was just his type (so sorry) of work. Art Zone paid him a visit for a heartwarming conversation about his passion and philosophy.