📣 Attention procrastinators! You have until Tuesday to VOTE! 🗳️

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Voting in Seattle & King County is a breeze. Here’s some helpful election info!

A voter submits their ballot.

In mid October, King County Elections sent out nearly 1.4 million ballots to voters. The General Election has been under way for weeks and the last day to vote is this Tuesday, Nov. 8, by 8 p.m.

✔️ If you've completed your ballot, you can return it to a safe and secure King County ballot drop box. There are more than 75 scattered across the county and they're accessible 24/7. Find the closest drop box near you! You can also mail your ballot — no postage necessary — just be sure to have it postmarked no later than Tuesday, Nov. 8!

✔️ If you've voted, and want to track your ballot, go here.

❓ Misplace your ballot? Not registered to vote? No problem! Head to one of six King County Elections' vote centers. The centers will be open for in-person voting Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday.

❓ What do you need to register to vote? To register to vote, head to an in-person voting center. You will be asked the last four digits of your social security number. If you can't provide those digits, show a government issued ID or passport, and then sign a voter registration verifying you are a Washington resident. That's it!


Need help filling out those ballot bubbles? Our Video Voters’ Guide is here to help!

Video Voters' Guide

If you're still unsure about some of the local races and ballot measures, head to our handy Video Voters' Guide. The resource features statements from candidates running for King County prosecuting attorney, Seattle Municipal Court judge, as well as pro and con statements for local amendments, levies, and propositions.


Who will be Washington’s next elections chief?

Secretary of State candidates

Washington's Secretary of State appointee Steve Hobbs is in a tight race against Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson to become the state's next elections chief, as partisanship and election security concerns are at an all-time high. The two joined City Inside/Out to share their views on the high-profile position.


Meet the candidates for King County Prosecutor

Leesa Manion and Jim Ferrell

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is retiring after four terms. You can decide if the open seat should go to his chief of staff, Leesa Manion, or Federal Way mayor, Jim Ferrell. The candidates faced off about the region’s growing public safety concerns, the backlog of court cases, and their differing approaches to the county’s controversial restorative justice programs.


TikTalk: What is Seattle's Proposition 1?

Proposition 1

It’s time to vote on a vote to change the future of voting! That may sound confusing, but–okay it definitely is confusing–so we made a short TikTok video breaking down Proposition 1 to help you decide if Seattleites should vote differently, and if so, should we use the approval or ranked choice method?⁠ ⁠ 

City Inside/Out also devoted a show to breaking down the Seattle Proposition 1 ballot measure choices. The show spotlights jurisdictions that use these voting systems.


King County Conservation Futures levy: A conversation about land conservation

King County Park

Should you, as a King County voter, green light more green space acquisition through higher property taxes? Hear from opponents and proponents of the King County Conservation Futures levy, and then vote!⁠


Political newcomers vie to represent Seattle’s diverse 37th legislative district

City Inside/Out guests

Live in Southeast Seattle? Meet Chipalo Street and Emijah Smith, both political newcomers, want your vote to represent the 37th legislative district in Olympia. 


Northeast Seattle will get a new representative in Olympia. But who that is up to you.

City Inside/Out guests

Disability rights advocate Darya Farivar and pediatrician Dr. Lelach Rave debate why they are best qualified to serve northeast Seattle's 46th legislative district seat in Olympia. 


Two Democrats vie to represent West Seattle, Pioneer Square in 34th Legislative District

City Inside/Out guests

Leah Griffin and Emily Alvarado, candidates with similar priorities, but very different backgrounds, explain why they’re the best choice to represent Seattle’s 34th legislative district in Olympia.