🗳️ Seattle's voting system could get a shakeup this fall

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Seattle City Light returns artifacts to Upper Skagit Indian Tribe

A Native American artifact

Almost 400 Upper Skagit Indian Tribe artifacts dating back thousands of years were found during the 2013 renovation of a former Seattle City Light mess hall. State law says the owner of the land is the owner of the artifacts, but City Light and the Seattle City Council set a new precedent in March, authorizing their return to the tribe.


🗳️ Breaking down Proposition 1, the ballot measure that could shake up municipal elections

A voter drops off a ballet at a dropbox

Seattle’s voting system could get a shakeup this November, but if and how is up to you! Proposition 1 is a two-part question that asks if we should change how the city votes, and if so, should it be to ranked-choice or approval voting. This quick clip breaks down the two methods, so you’ll know which way to vote on this…voting vote. Say that ten times fast.


Meet Desmond Hansen, the artist behind many of Seattle’s colorful signal boxes

Desmond Hansen

Desmond Hansen has spray painted more than 60 portraits onto signal boxes over the last four years, from West Seattle to Capitol Hill, and just about everywhere in between. He says they cut down on graffiti and start conversations about Seattle icons past and present.


Herbold, Mosqueda share vision for Third Avenue, dive into budget priorities

Brian Callanan with Lisa Herbold and Teresa Mosqueda

What's next in the City's efforts to build up an alternative response to low-level 911 calls? How will a Green New Deal impact your neighborhood and our climate? And what are the City Council's plans to create a new Third Avenue that's more welcoming for pedestrians and businesses? Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and Teresa Mosqueda answer these questions and yours, too, with host Brian Callanan on Council Edition!


Checkmate! New Detective Cookie Chess Park honors beloved officer.

Detective Cookie at a park named after her

The Rainier Beach neighborhood recently celebrated the opening of Detective Cookie Chess Park. Named in honor of 35-year Seattle Police Department detective veteran Denise "Cookie" Bouldin, the park pays homage to the detective's passion for chess and features a large chess board and built-in chess tables. Back in 2006, Bouldin brought chess to Rainier Beach Community Center and Rainier Beach Library, and years later, the Detective Cookie’s Urban Youth Chess Club has taught thousands of youth chess skills and the art of strategy and patience.


Misfits, hip hop, and the American dream

Panelists at "Odd One In" talk

“Odd One In” is a podcast for “misfits and unlikely optimists,” according to host Kristin Leong. Leong debuted the first episode and discussed identity, Asian representation in hip hop, and the American Dream with moderator Mellina White and author Dr. Daudi Abe at Nectar Lounge in August.


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