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Shell-come to urban science class 🐌

A moon snail

The largest moon snails in the world live in the Puget Sound. Even though the Lewis’ moon snail’s shells come in at a whopping six inches in diameter, these aquatic gastropods can be hard to find. Urban naturalist and author Kelly Brenner gives us the low-down on how to spot one.


Legendary Squire Shop hydroplane roars back after restoration

The restored Squire Shop hydro

Boat racing fan Gary Laws initially thought the idea to restore the vintage Squire Shop hydroplane was a little farfetched. But when he finally got on board, an enthusiastic community pitched in to get the dilapidated boat back on Lake Washington.


1970s audio uncovers impassioned speech by activist at hearing on Seattle Women’s Commission

Archival photo of a public meeting

“‘Racism law and order’ is nothing more for us as women than ‘bad law and disorder’...whether you are talking about deep in the heart of Dixie or here in Seattle.” The audio of this 1970 public testimony by activist Freddie Mae Hurd Gautier is part of Seattle Municipal Archives’ “Favorite Archival Object” series.


“Look, Listen and Learn” explores the meaning & importance of gratitude

Look, Listen & Learn explores gratitude

We’ve all heard the benefits of “practicing gratitude,” but as Auntie Lena and Possum learn on this episode of “Look, Listen and Learn,” that can look different for everyone. And, it's how we show appreciation for the people and things that we love!


A brief history of the Ballard Locks

A boat goes through the Ballard Locks

We are lock-ed into this installment of former Secretary of State Ralph Munro’s series “My Favorite Places.” He takes us through a brief history of the Ballard Locks and the surrounding gardens, and tells us just why they’re one of his favorite places.


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