Lake Washington's big - but also little - evolutionary superstar

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The amazing Lake Washington stickleback: A science lesson

A three-spined stickleback

Did you know Lake Washington is home to some famous fish? Lake Washington's three-spined stickleback is one of the first documented cases of reverse evolution. Before the lake was cleaned up, the murky water protected the stickleback from predators so well, they let down their spikey defenses. But, now that the lake is cleaned up, they've evolved—again—to survive.


Refugee Artisan Initiative reopens in Lake City

Guests at the opening of Refugee Artisan Initiative in Lake City

The Refugee Artisan Initiative has supported women from across the world as they build independent lives in Seattle, and after their old space flooded, it was time for the community to support the organization. Learn more about RAI and check out the grand opening of their new space in Lake City!


Seattle Channel mourns loss of Bob O’Hern

Bob O'Hern

It’s with great sadness that we share news of the unexpected death of our dear friend and colleague, Bob O’Hern. For more than 20 years, Bob’s video-production chops made Seattle Channel programs like Art Zone, Civic Cocktail, and as recently as June’s “Welcome Back Bash,” glow and sing. He was funny, generous, and incredibly kind. We’re heartbroken for his daughter Keazia and the rest of his friends and family. Bob was an integral part of the Seattle Channel family and will be greatly missed.


“Look, Listen and Learn” knows how to climb out of the summer doldrums

Look, Listen Learn with Auntie Lena and Possum

Books with mom, chats with friends, art projects, and–wormskettie? This episode of “Look, Listen and Learn” knows just how to make you feel better when you're feeling sad and missing someone special. 


Sail through Seattle at one of “My Favorite Places”

The Center for Wooden Boats

No doubt a-boat it, the Center for Wooden Boats is a true living history museum.  “My Favorite Places,” hosted by former Secretary of State and revered storyteller Ralph Munro, takes us on a quick tour through the cultural importance of wooden boats and the legacy they have in Washington's maritime history.


Dive into history

Archival photograph of a diver

The mystery diver in this photograph helped build Seattle’s North Trunk Sewer system. We don’t know who the man behind the old-timey (1912, to be exact) scuba helmet is, but his expression seems to speak volumes. See for yourself, and check out the Seattle Municipal Archives website for more favorites from the archives.


COVID-19 resources

Free at-home tests. Each household is eligible to receive free at-home COVID-19 tests from the federal government. And, while supplies last, Washingtonians can order up to two COVID-19 test kits per month from the website (ordering available in English and Spanish).

Free N95 masks. Visit the federal government's one-stop COVID website to find locations to get free masks.

Babies and children 6 months and older vaccine-eligible. As of June 21, 2022, Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are now authorized for emergency use for anyone aged 6 months and older. 

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