One of last steamships from Seattle's "Mosquito Fleet" celebrates a century

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Virginia V celebrates a century of steaming through Puget Sound

Virginia V steamship historical image

Once part of a massive number of ships informally known as the “Mosquito Fleet,” the Virginia V is one of the last remaining steamers. The century-old vessel used to ferry people and goods around the region, essentially a “Metro bus and a UPS truck all in one rig.” Now, the historic landmark is undergoing some much needed maintenance, so it can sail for another 100 years.


Book Lust goes for a funny, sad, meandering & totally relatable ride through the year 2020

"What Just Happened" book cover

You might not think you're ready for a book about 2020, but that's before you hear Nancy Pearl talk with author Charles Finch about "What Just Happened." The book takes you along for the ride as one person tries his best to live a normal life in a not normal year. They also talk about comfort books, walking, and some of their favorite authors, quotes, and country music stars.


Council Edition keeps you updated on City Hall happenings

City Inside/Out Council Edition with host Brian Callanan

Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and Tammy J. Morales recently joined Council Edition host Brian Callanan to get the inside scoop on the council’s stance on Mayor Bruce Harrell’s sweeps of homeless camps, the effects of a worker’s strike on the West Seattle Bridge construction, potential hiring bonuses for the Seattle Police Department, and more.


63 questions & an outdoor bathtub

63 questions with Chris Ballew and Kate Endle

Artist Kate Endle and musician Chris Ballew graciously invited Art Zone into their whimsical Vashon Island home for a few (63 to be precise) questions, like: what’s their stance on licking envelopes? Who’s their favorite local band? And just how is it that their favorite moments include “Weird Al” Yankovic?


Sign(s) of the times

Signs on display on the exterior of the Pacific Fishermens building

Even when the iconic Ballard stores, restaurants, and service shops themselves are long gone, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard won’t let their memories die. The boat maintenance and repair yard has survived the turbulent waters of economic change for over 70 years, and they've taken it upon themselves to collect and display the retired signs of local businesses.


“Get Off This Train” & into this week’s Art Zone musical guests

The Porch Climbers perform for Art Zone

Sometimes it feels like you’re just chugging on till the weekend, we get it. Lucky for all of us, the Porch Climbers have the perfect head-nodding, foot-tapping number to help you get your groove back on track. This performance of “Get Off This Train” is just for you, Art Zone viewers.


Discover & experience Puget Sound on the way to restoring an essential ecosystem

People standing on a boardwalk look out into Puget Sound

“We Are Puget Sound, Discovering and Recovering the Salish Sea'' is a book and multimedia campaign that documents efforts to restore an essential part of our ecosystem. Co-author Dave Workman talks about his experience with the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and highlights Billy Frank, Jr., a Nisqually tribal leader and activist who paved the way for today’s conservation work.


In-person event Monday, April 11: Meet Mayor Bruce Harrell

Meet the New Seattle Mayor: Where Do We Go From Here?

Mayor Bruce Harrell, after his first months in office, will discuss his plans for turning the city around. Harrell is joined on stage by Professor Larry Hubbell, multimedia journalist Joni Balter, as well as students. Register now for this in-person event, presented by Seattle University Institute of Public Service.


COVID-19 updates: Tests, vaccines, boosters, masks & more

Free at-home tests. Each household is eligible to receive two sets of four free at-home COVID-19 tests from the federal government. And, while supplies last, Washingtonians can order up to two COVID-19 test kits per month from the website (ordering available in English and Spanish).

Free N95 masks. The federal government recently announced that each adult can get up to three free N95 masks. Masks can be picked up in person at participating pharmacies. Be sure to call ahead to check availability at your pharmacy. Masks remain an important tool in helping to limit the spread of COVID-19. Health experts recommend that people who are immunocompromised, unvaccinated, or feel sick should wear masks to protect themselves and others when in indoor public spaces.

Updates. As of March 1, the vaccine verification requirement is no longer in effect in King County. As of March 12, King County’s mask order changes and you will no longer be required to wear a mask in many indoor settings.

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