Black History Month: Alice Ball, the Seattle chemist who pioneered leprosy treatment

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Start Black History Month with a groundbreaking woman in science

Alice Ball graduation photo at University of Hawaii

Seattle High School and University of Washington graduate Alice Ball has a scientific method named after her. She developed the early 20th century’s most effective leprosy treatment, and she became the University of Hawaii’s first African American chemistry professor. Learn more about her in our latest TikTok video.


Bringing Kenjiro Nomura back to the spotlight

Kenjiro Nomura

Artist Kenjiro Nomura’s rising star was halted by World War II, but his determination to document the world around him wasn’t. His paintings show modernist snapshots of Seattle, daily life in incarceration camps, and abstract views of mid-century Puget Sound after tragedy reshaped the region and Nomura himself.


Washington state lawmakers considering "baby bonds" to address wealth gap

City Inside/Out host Brian Callanan

State lawmakers are debating whether to create the Washington Future Fund to help solve intergenerational poverty. The plan to set up "baby bonds" for infants born under Apple Health could be used for higher education, entrepreneurship or home ownership when they become adults. However, the measure is being scrutinized by some for its promise to close the state's wealth gap.


Look, Listen & Learn about forgiveness

Look, Listen & Learn: Forgiveness

Learning to forgive is an especially tough lesson for children. Look, Listen & Learn says it's really about letting go of our anger and freeing ourselves. Through music, art, and stories, help kids experience the important lessons of forgiveness and working through conflict.


Michael Spafford, one of Pacific Northwest's most admired artists, dies at age 86

Michael Spafford

Legendary Northwest painter Michael Spafford, whose work can be described as epic and Herculean, died last weekend at the age of 86. In 2018, Art Zone's Nancy Guppy sat down with Spafford’s son, Spike Mafford, and daughter-in-law Lisa Dutton, to chat about the process and impact of Spafford's monumental body of work


COVID-19 updates: Vaccines, boosters, masks & more

Free at-home tests. Each household is eligible to receive one set of four free at-home COVID-19 tests from the federal government. Washington state is offering a similar program (info and ordering available in English and Spanish).

Free N95 masks. The federal government recently announced that each adult can get up to three free N95 masks. As they become available in the coming weeks, masks can be picked up in person at participating pharmacies. Be sure to call ahead to check availability at your pharmacy.

Free vaccines. The City of Seattle and partners are hosting fixed location vaccination clinics and COVID-19 testing sites throughout the city.

Visit the Public Health - Seattle & King County website for the latest COVID-19 resources including masking advice, COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, vaccination verification, and more.

For language interpretation, help finding a vaccination or testing site, or ADA accommodation, call the King County COVID-19 Call Center at (206) 477-3977, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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