🗳️ Seattle & King County Election Guide: Hear from the candidates!

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Our Video Voters' Guide makes your general election voting easy

Video Voters' Gudie

Baffled by your ballot? Puzzled by the plethora of candidates? Never fear, Video Voters' Guide is here! The guide features short statements from candidates running for King County Executive, King County Council, Port of Seattle, Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Attorney, Seattle City Council, and Seattle School Board. Candidates were invited to record a two-minute video explaining why you should vote for them. Our guide will kick start your decision-making process. Take a look, and remember to vote by November 2!


Dive deeper with debates

City Inside/Out Elections 2021 debates

This election season, City Inside/Out hosted debates for the five races that affect Seattle's future most. Brian Callanan brings the candidates face to face (virtually) to answer the questions we all have. Watch the debates, fill out your ballots, and be sure to return them by November 2!

Let’s debate. Who’d make a better Seattle Mayor? That’s what we try to decide when candidates Bruce Harrell and M. Lorena González face off for your vote on this season premiere of City Inside/Out. Both city council veterans, the candidates say their experience in office prepares them to lead the city in the right direction. What do you think?

Next up, Seattle City Council Position 8. Incumbent Teresa Mosqueda shares the stage with newcomer, civil engineer Kenneth Wilson. The previously unknown candidate surprised many when he emerged from a field of ten challengers vying for the position. He promises accountability while Mosqueda pledges to further her progressive agenda.

With current City Council President Lorena M. González in the race for mayor, Seattle City Council Position 9 is wide open and highly contested. Attorney and activist Nikkita Oliver and brewery co-owner Sara Nelson bring similar goals, but vastly different strategies to the debate. Both claim experience with the local political system and original ideas to shake things up, but who’s really got what the city needs?

Seattle City Attorney candidates Nicole Thomas-Kennedy and Ann Davison could not be more different. Events of the past year drew even more attention than before to the position which deals closely with issues of homelessness, public safety, and perhaps most contentiously, police accountability. Thomas-Kennedy plans to dismiss or drop the majority of misdemeanors, while Davison advocates for victims’ rights.

King County Executive incumbent Dow Constantine faces tough competition for the first time in 12 years in the form of first-term state senator Joe Nguyen. Constantine says he’s confident in his lead and looks forward to a fourth term, but Nguyen claims his blue collar upbringing and progressive ideals are just what Seattle needs to shake up the status quo. 


Tomorrow: Watch mayoral candidates debate business & economy issues

Seattle mayoral candidates debate on 10/14

Next year, Seattle’s top political office will have a new occupant. Hear from candidates M. Lorena González and Bruce Harrell at the 2021 Seattle Mayoral Debates hosted by the Washington State Debate Coalition (WSDC) on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. Learn more about WSDC and register to stream the free virtual debate! A second debate focusing on public health and safety will be held on Oct. 28.