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Bear in mind that Barry is no ordinary bear

Barry the Bearable Bear is lost in the woods

You’d think a bear would be able to find its way home through the woods pretty easily. You’d be wrong. Barry the Bearable Bear is lost in the woods, but an unexpected friend shows the way home.

Bear Hug

Celebrate Black women in the arts

Washington Women in the Arts

From poetry, literature, music, dance and painting, Black women have made huge contributions to the arts. But their talent often goes unrecognized. This animated short highlights Black women artists, including Ciara, Amanda Morgan, Oleta Adams, and Pat Wright. They battled gender and race-based discrimination to achieve personal success and are breaking down barriers for those who follow.

Get Inspired

You can help make the world a better place to be a bee

Auntie Lena and Possum talk about bees on Look, Listen & Learn

Tiny bees do a lot of BIG work. Bees get their food from flowers, but they also give back. They pollinate flowers on plants and trees that produce food that we love to eat. This episode of Look, Listen and Learn is all about bees, but it also introduces the challenging idea of extinction and how adults can help kids work through feelings, fears, and anxieties about the future.

Make a Bee Line

Meet the voice of the Seattle Kraken 🏒

Seattle Kraken's Everett Fitzhugh

Seattle Kraken's Everett Fitzhugh is a trailblazer. He’s the National Hockey League’s first Black play-by-play announcer, and as Everett explains, his journey to being a hockey announcer happened by mistake.

Ice Breaker

Fairy godmother delivers blues-soaked "Cinderella"

Julia Francis sings "Cinderella"

What do you get when you cross a glass slipper and Janis Joplin? Julia Francis' single “Cinderella” (obviously). Francis’ raw, edgy vocals meet Darren Loucas on guitar, Ben Smith on drums, and Andy Stoller on bass to create the perfect power-through soundtrack for the weekend.

Hardcore Fairytale

Tour newly opened Kings Inn, a hotel-based shelter in Belltown

Kings Inn homeless shelter

Native Americans make up about 1% of King County’s population, yet they represent nearly 15% of all individuals experiencing homelessness in the county. Earlier in the week, the City of Seattle and the Chief Seattle Club opened a hotel-based shelter to bring "health and healing" for Natives in need of shelter.

Healing Home

Objects of pride bind Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community together

Objects of Pride: Missing and Finding Community Connections

Community members share their personal stories and those of the larger LGBTQ+ community via objects infused with layered meaning and significance. When shared, the objects present an opportunity for relationship-building and history-crafting.

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Eligible but unvaccinated?

A vaccine is adminstered

If you're on the current eligibility list for a COVID-19 vaccination, sign up for the City of Seattle's notification list. You can also call the Customer Service Bureau at 206-684-2489, Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. for help getting on the list. Once on the list, you'll be notified when vaccination appointments become available at any of the city's three fixed sites (Rainier Beach, West Seattle, and Lumen Field). For more information about vaccine eligibility and locations, visit the city's COVID-19 vaccination website

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, schedule a free test at one of the city's sites.    

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