History of Seattle's City Halls | Mural repairs bring healing | Crossing the political divide

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Artist Lauren Iida turns vandalized mural into cathartic, healing message

Lauren Iida repairs damaged murals with gold wire

After her mural at Sound Transit’s Federal Way Extension Link was slashed by vandals — twice — artist Lauren Iida decided to use the repairs to make a statement. Employing a traditional Japanese visible mending technique called Kintsugi, the damage is acknowledged, repairs are highlighted, and the art becomes something new.

Healing Art

Fashion designer Gustavo Apiti taps heritage to go bold & bright

Gustavo Apiti

Fashion designer Gustavo Apiti bet his future and his life savings on one runway show–and it paid off. Born and raised in Congo, he incorporates the country’s signature bold colors into his own pieces, including the masks he started making last year. He says his designs make people happy, and that makes him proud.


Is the political divide too wide here in Washington state?

Joni Balter with guests

A new president has established a different tone, but politics nationally remains as contentious as ever. Is the same true in this state? The leaders of Washington’s two major political parties join Civic Cocktail to discuss bridging the political divide. The conversation revealed there’s still work to be done. 


Art Zone interview: Josiah Johnson on life & music after The Head & the Heart

Josiah Johnson

"If I look at the album, I [can] chart a journey." After leaving The Head and the Heart to embark on a personal journey, which included rehab, Josiah Johnson re-emerged with a fresh outlook - and a debut solo album, "Every Feeling on a Loop." Also, your wishes are granted in this performance of "I Wish I Had."

Charting a Path

New public art project commemorates activism during Seattle's AIDS crisis

Art installation on the AIDS Memorial Pathway

"We're Already Here," an installation by local design firm Civilization, is the latest addition to the AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The clusters of sculptures, inspired by actual protest signs, carry messages that evoke historic moments of public convergence in response to Seattle's AIDS epidemic.


Look, Listen and Learn gets festive

Look, Listen & Learn "Celebrate"

Celebrate celebrations with this party-packed episode. Learn about festivities from around the globe, make the best nachos (and guacamole!), and craft a chochin, a paper lantern used to celebrate the Japanese Obon festival.

Join the Party

The story of Seattle's city halls

Seattle's first city hall

Seattle's first city hall opened in 1882. But just 6.5 years later, the structure would be reduced to ash. Take a look back at the buildings that have housed Seattle's city government over the past century in a film from our archive. 

Hidden History